DIY Mugs for Valentine’s Day

DIY Mugs

My daughter and I love to add to our holiday décor, so we decided to try to make these DIY mugs with Sharpie for Valentine’s Day. Makes for a perfect homemade gift for someone special or a quick family craft. Works for any season!

Collage of making DIY Valentine's Mugs


Light Coloured Mugs (for this we used white but black can work amazing as well pr even red)


Stencils (if wanted)


Decorate as desired. Make sure to get creative and make them gorgeous – use metallic and lots of great colors!

Place your newly created mugs on your cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for 30 mins

Finished Decorated Valentine's Mugs

Our design didn’t change at all in the oven and the colours kept their consistency. We did take the chance and put a mug in the dishwasher which took off some of the design. Would recommend hand-washing to keep the design. Left went into the dishwasher and right was hand-washed. Alternatively you can head to your local craft store and ask for a sealer which you can put over top – which will hopefully give you the chance to put them in your dishwasher at a low temperature.

A hand made gift for Valentine’s day can be an amazing way to bond over a craft while trying to make other people around you happy. If you wanted to you could make each mug have a theme depending on the giftee’s preferances. Maybe you want to include a coffee kit with some added flavors and extra special coffee beans for them to enjoy, or maybe a hot chocolate kit is more up their alley. The point is you can get creative, even placing some spa items in your mug to give that special lady in your life a much needed time out – hot tea and all!

If you got one of these as a gift how would you enjoy your DIY mugs?

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