For the Love of Lego

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My family loves Lego! We started introducing our oldest son to Lego when he was about three years old and now that he is almost five his love of Lego has really bloomed. He still requires help to put his sets together but once they are together he can play with them for long stretches (yay!).

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Recently my three year old son and two year old daughter have taken a liking to Lego too; which I think is pretty awesome considering the coordination and skill required to build with Lego. But while I try my best to foster this creative play my Lego skills are lacking, and the fact that my husband is Expert level builder does not help that at all. Ha Ha

Lego Friends

So while he encourages, plays and builds Lego with our kids I have recently taken the role of introducing them to the various Lego shows available on Netflix. My personal faves include the Lego Friends show and The Lego Movie but there are a variety of great titles to choose from.

Lego B

From Ninja’s to Superheroes, to Elves and Firemen and quite a few in between, Lego shows offer a little something for everyone!

Lego Elves

Do your little ones + you love Lego too?





**I am a member of the Netflix Stream team, however all opinions expressed are my own.**





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