Fun Bubble Activities


We can never get enough bubbles in our house during the Summer. It is their most requested activity when we are just hanging around the backyard. Of course, just regular old bubbles can get dull fairly quickly. So, a list of fun activities using bubbles seemed in order!


Bubble Snakes From Messy Little Monster


This. Is. Amazing! I love that you can totally make this yourself at home and the fact that you can add some food coloring to make rainbow bubbles.


Giant Bubbles From My Frugal Adventure



Now, these are the bubbles of my kid’s dreams! Super simple and cheap to make. What more can you ask for!?


Super Strong Bubbles From Baby Savers

My son is always trying to catch bubbles and obviously the second he touches them they pop. This is a great solution for those little ones who just want to catch them! Plus, the bubble solution will last that much longer!


 Bubble Painting From Early Learning Ideas


This activity combines two of my kid’s favorite things – bubbles and painting. It’s a great craft that you are able to do outdoors, have basic supplies, and most kids can do and have fun!

I hope these bubble recipes and crafts take your Summer to the next level!


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