Giving Experiences For The Holidays

Giving Experiences

Each year my kids get more and more things. There seems to be an endless list of things they want to add to the equation, but do they even need more stuff? How long ago was it since they even played with or looked at all the toys they’ve received in past years? Are we just adding to the clutter that never seems to go away?

I think so. I think that this year my kids have had enough getting more things they don’t need. This year I want to make memories with my kids, rather than just give them things to keep them busy. They have all they need to keep them busy: the latest gadgets, games, toys and books and let’s face it. We have spent more on things they don’t use than on things they could be doing. If you are feeling the same way as I am then I want to tell you something…

There is a way to still give amazing gifts your kids will love without adding to your household clutter.

Through giving experiences.

Making memories together is something that you can treasure forever and those are the things that your kids will always remember. It wont be all the toys they got or didn’t get – it are those small moments that stick with you the longest. Depending on where you live you are bound to find some great things to do no matter what your family enjoys.

In fact we even came up with a fun list of experience suggestions you can gift to your family this holiday season!

Experiences to Gift In BC

Vancouver Aquarium Experience – The Vancouver Aquarium is a brilliant place to learn with your family. Filled with amazing creatures to look at and learn about your family will be smiling from ear to ear. They have so many great behind the scenes tours where you can interact with their animals on a more intimate level. Being able to touch stingrays in their pools and help with feeding some of the seals you can cater the perfect experience for your family. Adding in their 4D theatre experience and you and your kids will be whisked away on some great immersive adventures.

Giving Experiences

image taken by Neil Fisher

Sea to Sky Gondola Experience – Sometimes to really help your family connect you need to get out of the city a little bit. Heading from Vancouver to Squamish for a day trip to the Sea to Sky Gondola, in any season, is a great way to make memories with family. The gorgeous scenery is romantic for mom and dad and the trails are the perfect amount of fun to tucker out those kids. With the Gondola ride and great food this is an incredible way to enjoy your city.

Golf and Stanley Park Experience – If your family loves a little golf then saving a date for a day of pitch and put in Stanley Park could be a great way for your family to connect. Doing something that everyone loves or that dad or grandpa wants to share with your kids can be an incredible way to build memories across the multi generations. With great views and brilliant food to eat you’ll be talking about that day trip for years to come.

Giving Experiences

Experiences to Gift in Alberta

Aviation Experience – Grabbing grandpa and the rest of the crew for a trip to the Alberta Aviation Museum can be a great way to learn something new about the past and future. If you are living with a few plane lovers this is a great way to spend the day learning together and looking at some amazing planes! Another bonus to this is that you can do this rain, shine or snow.

Jurassic Experience – If you are living with a group of dinosaur enthusiasts this incredible park is just what you need to do with your family. Nested amongst an old growth forest filled with discovery trails keep your eyes peeled for life sized dinosaurs. This Jurassic safari is a great way to have an adventure with your family and create those everlasting memories of dino hunting with mom and dad!

Giving Experiences

Winter Sleigh Ride Experience – If you are looking for something to do just while visiting family is still in town but after Christmas so you can still gift it then a sleigh ride is a great plan! A brilliant way to make memories with all members of your family. This is an especially great idea if you have family visiting and you want to give them a Christmas experience to remember. Not many can say they’ve enjoyed a horse drawn sleigh ride in the rocky mountains!

Experiences to Gift in Toronto

Medieval Experience – For all your knights in shining armor a night out for a Medieval themed dinner might be the perfect idea. Enjoy a truly medieval night out with your family watching epic battles and enjoying some delicious food. With falcon’s, horses and competitions you are guaranteed to have a great time out with your kids. With all kinds of food options as well you can make sure everyone leaves feeling full and happy.

Giving Experiences

Water Park Experience – For the family that wishes they could be having all the summer time fun maybe a great day with everyone at Fallsview Indoor water park is what you need. This all inside water park is a great way to spend a day. With thrilling slides, great hot tubs for parents and of course munchies – you have everything you need to splash around wishing for Summer to come back!

Messy Experience – If you have kids who love to make a mess and love to create then Mess for fun might be just perfect for them. With great parties and camps this could be a great way to nurture their messy creativity. With a great indoor playground to play on, splatter parties, pottery and everything in between you know they will be in for the time of their lives.

Experiences to Gift in Any City

Trampoline Fun Experience – Being able to enjoy some sweaty fun together is a great way to make some good memories. Doing the sweating in a wild Trampoline Park in your city can be an incredible way to make those family memories your kids will talk about for the rest of their lives. Bringing all your extended family for a big party could be an incredible way to bond with family members you don’t always see on a regular basis. Put on those holiday jammies and hit the trampoline park before all your family goes back home after the holidays.

Giving Experiences

Ice Cream Tour Experience – Every city has an amazing selection of dessert and ice cream shops. So why not take the family out on a wild tour of them all! Skip dinner one night and go indulge in some of the best sweets your city has to offer. Find the most obscure, most talked about or craziest treat spots and enjoy it!

Ziplining Experience – Each city in Canada has something in common, our love for ziplines. No matter where you go most places have a great variety of ziplines that provide you with a unique and thrilling view of the place you live. This is a great way to spend time with your family now that everyone is getting a bit older. From BC to Newfoundland there are amazing ziplines to experience together and the thrill will keep you going back for more each and every single time.

Laser Tag Experience – We all remember how fun it was to play laser tag as a kid. So why don’t we join in for a change? This is an amazing idea if you have kids who are video gamer’s. When you are trying to connect to your kid and all they talk about is Minecraft or call of duty then this is exactly what you and your family need to connect. It is a great way to spend a couple hours getting sweaty and playing against your whole family. A great way to bond.

Armed with some of these amazing ideas you can really take your gift giving up a notch this year.

After all giving the gift of an experience is priceless!

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