Going to Jasper BEST decision ever!

Thanks to Frugal Edmonton Mama who posted a Groupon deal on Jasper Park Lodge our family went for a weekend getaway in Alberta’s beautiful backyard! My husband and I had not been to Jasper since 2009! Before kids, before marriage, before owning a house, before renovating a house…you get the idea. See when you marry someone from a different province you spend all your vacation resources (time & money) going to said province. Not necessarily tourist spots, just where your in-laws live AND visits increase with each kid.

Going to Jasper was the BEST decision I made in a long time! How come? Perfect travelling distance. Beautiful scenery. Family friendly accommodations. Weather was warm. The pool was amazing. Date night was romantic. The spa was superb. AND it’s Jasper!

Jasper Park Lodge is beautiful BUT what surprised me was how family friendly they are! Kids under 5 eat free at most restaurants, free toboggan rentals, babysitting service, kids play room, games room, skate rentals and on!

As a child our family went to the mountains every summer for our holidays. I want to give my children similar memories filled with nature, beautiful scenery and a sense of pride for our beautiful Alberta province! Last year we had a successful camping trip (tent only!). Not venturing too far in case it was disatrous and we had to pack up BUT this summer we are camping in?? You guessed it Jasper. Do you have suggestions for our Jasper camping trip? Let me know, please.

Jasper is ready and waiting for us to come back.

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