Money Saving Grocery Tips

grocery tips

With food prices on the rise and the economy on the decline, many of us are left wondering how to save money on groceries with little effort and impact on our lives. So here are a few money saving grocery tips:

Buy in Bulk

When it comes to can foods, dry goods and toiletries go for the multi-packs, cases and the larger size packages. Even though the larger packs are more expensive, you will generally pay less per item than if you purchase each individually.

This also applies to meat, when purchasing meat you will get the best value by purchasing larger cuts of meat and cutting them down to size at home. If you aren’t one for butchering opt for the larger packs or family packs and divide each package into smaller bags once you get home. (Hint: optimize your freezer)

Know your prices

When it comes to foods that you purchase often, it is helpful for you to know what a “good price” for those items is (you can either make a note in your phone or on your paper grocery list) and be careful to not over pay for those items. Hint: watch for sales or compare prices in flyers to get the best price.

Select Produce that is in Season

A great way to ensure you are purchasing produce that is in season is to shop at your local farmers market, you can often get the best produce for a great price. If you aren’t planning on visiting the farmers market, you can find great-in-season produce at your local grocery store.

Use Money Saving Apps


Homemade cookies, muffins and bars are a more cost effective option (versus the store bought varieties). I know what you’re thinking — baking takes soooo much time though — Don’t worry, I feel this way too but I try to set one day out a week so that I can bake a few things to last us for the week.


Coupons can be a great way to save money and we know that they can be daunting for those who don’t know where to get started; luckily Kimberly (Modern Mama St. Albert) has a great article on couponing: Saving Money with Coupons (It’s not that hard)!

Do you have any cost effective tips to share? Let us know below!



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