Harmful Habits that Can Cause Short-Sightedness at a Young Age

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What are the Most Common Eyesight Problems Among the Young Population 


The times when 21st-century parents have blamed blue screens for causing eyesight problems at a young age are uncountable. As strange as it can be, it is not surprising, valid, and has a reason to be. Numbers show that among the almost 8 billion people worldwide, 4 billion wear glasses and contact lenses or use other eye products. But overusing or abusing screen time is just one of the aspects leading to poor eye condition. The issue is more complex than it appears, and each aspect needs a separate examination. 


Epiphora, or Teary Eyes


Epiphora or Teary Eyes, the name of the condition, pretty much gives out the details of the disease. Hypersensitivity to exposure to light, wind, or environmental change can lead to tearing glands and overproducing fluids. Shielding them is the most optimal solution, not just by picking general optical glasses, but a pair with additional protection. There are same day U.V protection glasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB light. It is a long-term solution that can prevent the further development of cancer. Alternative ways of treatment may involve a hot compass or even surgical intrusion.


Dry Eyes


It goes without mentioning that Dry Eyes is the actual opposite of Teary Eyes. The state is identified by itching, sensation close to burning, and redness. A typical remedy, in this case, is eye drops to keep them in the normal range of hydration. Surgery may be needed if things get out of hand, but the best approach is to always consult with a doctor before taking any measures.


Floaters or Flashers


The tiny spots or flashers appearing before the eyes aren’t just small, cute blinks. They are actually indicators of health issues. Floaters are primarily visible in rooms with bright lighting or outdoors. They indicate that there is a certain level of retinal detachment. If the number of spots changes, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to a doctor.


Top 10 Harmful Habits Leading to Poor Eyesight

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Scratching them, neglecting to take eye drops, and touching them with dirty hands. Those are just some of the daily harmful habits that can worsen the initial problems. Pay close attention to the list and try to work on the habits as much as possible.


Abusing the Screen Time


Dry Eyes have become one of the most common issues related to eyesight in recent years. The increase in the number of patience dealing with the condition accrued as a result of the rise in the amount spent using or abusing screen time. It may appear to be a minor problem but can further develop into headaches, sleep disturbance, or blurred vision. 


So, whenever someone reminds us to put the screen on the night version tend to listen to them since the blue light may cost vision.


Neglecting Wearing Sunglasses


Not only the light from the screen but also sunlight damages the well-being of the eyes. Sunglasses serve as an additional shield from U.V. and HEV rays. Leaving eyes uncovered for a long time under the sun can cause sunburn on the photokeratitis, which is the surface of the eye.


Disturbance of Sleep


The amount of time each of us has turned down sleeping just for the sake of watching a few more episodes of our favorite show is uncountable. Sleep deprivation is among the top harmful habits which weaken eyesight.


Lack of proper amount of sleep develops into eye fatigue, dark circles, and sometimes bloodshot, which can be a cause of loss of eyesight.


Forcefully Rubbing The Eyes


The eyes are one of the most delicate, if not the most delicate, parts of the entire human body. The skin under them is even more tender and forceful, and continuous rubbing can break the red vessels in them, which gives them a puffy look. The logical approach is to find the cause of itching in the first place. Sometimes it can be due to a virus or another disease.


Having an Unhealthy Diet


Boosting the body whit as many vitamins as the normal daily dosage allows has a good impact in any case. Hence missing suppers is, of course, a vital impact on eye health.


Not Keeping the Body Hydrated


Tears are natural eye cleansers, and water is obviously the base for them. Hence keeping the body hydrated will erase the need for additionally hydrating with eye drops or other supplements.


Dim Lightning


Improper lighting puts additional effort on the eyes and makes it hard for them to concentrate on reading lines and passages. Try to work in spaces filled with natural light and brightness, and relax eye muscles as much as possible.




Among other health issues smoking causes cataracts, macular degeneration, and uveitis. A thought to take out of this short line is to avoid smoking at all costs.


Misusing Make-Up 


Beauty bloggers tend to give so-called “helpful tips” on applying makeup, which involve applying makeup products in places where it is not meant to be. These products can be a reason for an allergic reaction which can 

make the vision temporarily blurry. 


Not Keeping Proper Distance Between Eyes and Objects


Objects should be at the optimal distance from the eyes, which is 25cm. Try to place things within the range of this distance and not abuse it.


Follow This Helpful Exercises and Tips to Enhance Eyesight

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The most useful tip, which can serve as a takeaway idea as well, is to never postpone visits to the eye doctor and keep the eyes hydrated while shielding them from harmful exposure.


The eyes are the mirror of the soul as well as they mirror the way we treat our body. Keep them healthy to enjoy the world around you.


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