Healthy Changes are Possible, Just Ask June…

June Thomson knows all too well that healthy changes are challenging to make but totally possible. Her goal is to help women achieve a feeling of health, wellness, and control with their lifestyle. She believes, is an example of, and can show you how to create a life you love.

But first, let me tell you a little background on June.

Her story, if you will, begins at the age of 17 when she found herself living on her own, supporting herself and her younger brother and trying to finish high-school. It’s this challenging life experience that June credits with developing the fortitude and drive to succeed. Fast forward a few years to the start of June’s 20+ year career in retail, where she worked with large companies such as Guess and Aritzia. She started on the sales floor and worked her way up to pivotal roles in company growth across Canada & the US as a Director. June credits her success in retail to her ‘secret talent’ of bringing out the best in others and knowing that if everyone on the team loves what they’re doing, the entire team benefits.

Now, she has discovered her passion for connecting authentically with people and supporting their quest for true health through functional fitness & healthy living. She is a certified personal trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, currently taking clients at Crossfit Burnaby in Burnaby. Over the years, June has completed multiple endurance run events and has volunteered with Team In Training as a BC/Yukon Half-Marathon Run Coach.

June also has a platform for introducing natural and healthy wellness products, that are safe and beneficial, into your routine & household. This combined with her fitness coaching, make her a great resource for the healthy changes you may be looking to make.


Who She is – Get to Know June, in her words

  • I’m a mom, a work-from-home mom, who left corporate life to create more time for her family
  • A tom-boy at heart, so I totally have a blast with my 7-year old boy
  • I’ve been with, my partner, Michael for 26 years (I proposed to him)!
  • We started late with the family thing…I didn’t initially want to be a mom, but once that hormone thing started moving it was all I could think about and is potentially the BEST decision I ever made, along with marrying my husband. He is seriously the BEST guy & dad, as in ever.
  • I grew up in Vancouver, Calgary and then Ottawa and have lived all over Canada and the US thanks to my retail career
  • I did not choose my retail career, it chose me. I am ‘half-educated’…my way of saying I left before finishing my degree…bills to pay were a priority back then.
  • I get things done. I hate to doing things twice unless it’s something fun
  • My passions? Empowering others, eating delicious food, sharing a good laugh, smaller groups over big parties.
  • I think that we all deserve respect and an opportunity. I think that this is because I was the kid who wasn’t supposed to amount to much, the girl who came from the wrong side of the tracks if you get my drift.
  • I trust easily when I give my word, it is solid.
  • I like to workout, most of the time, when I do, I go hard. I love to run, but not too fast.
  • I love to be involved in outdoorsy things as long as I can come home to either my home or a nice Airbnb/hotel afterward… no. more. tents.

June’s Priorities Now

Next to being there for her family, her number one priority now is working with other women who, like her, want something more for themselves and their families that can’t be had or created in the traditional way of doing things.
She is creating a tribe of like-minded women who care about each other, who are not afraid to do things differently, want to lead rather than follow, call the shots and create a life they love.

How Can June Help You Make Healthy Changes

  • Guiding you, connecting with you, and together making a program that will help you on your fitness/health/wellness journey
  • Teaching you to push yourselves to your personal level to achieve your goals
  • Providing basic nutrition support and guidance on how to live in a simplified and healthier environment
  • Showing you the fundamentals of fitness in a way that works for you
  • Introducing you to wellness products that may be a healthier alternative for you
  • Partnering with you to create an additional stream of income
  • Helping you create and achieve the vision of a life you love

Connect with June


Mobile/Text: 778.320.4714

*All images provided by June Thomson. This is a sponsored post, however, as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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