How Does She Do It?…with Jenn Ferguson

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We are very excited to introduce you to Jenn Ferguson from Mission, British Columbia. Jenn is a stay-at-home mom to six children.

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I am a suburban mom, in Mission.

Tell us about your children?

Chandler (17) my oldest is always willing to help others, my jokester as well. Shane (16) is quiet shy but at home he is outspoken and also quite the comedian. Jordyn (12) is the typical middle child who loves attention and she will sing for anyone. (Even if you don’t want her too). She loves to play soccer and dance. Malcolm (11) my quirky, scientist. He is currently interested in the periodic table. Being high on the spectrum he loves to learn and constantly asking questions. Peyton (9) my feisty fighter. Being the youngest means she never has to lift a finger or do what anyone says. (It’s what she thinks) She fought Cancer for 2 ½ years, been out of treatment for 2 ½ she still does check ups every few months . Dyson (10) full of energy and the wildest of imaginations. Little kids are drawn to him at the park, craziest thing. He started football last year and loves it. Anyone counting? Ya that’s 6 kids lol. All my kids are great, and not just saying that cause they are mine. When hard times hit they come together and will support each other. My older boys will take my younger ones out when they know my day isn’t going well.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

Being a stay home Mom, is quite boring during the day . I am up at 6:15am to get 45 minutes of quiet and at least one hot coffee in me before the kids get up. I wake my kids up at 7. Since they are all old enough they make their own breakfast and lunches for school. I help with minor things. Most days my kids walk to school, unless my boyfriend is working late he will take the little 4 to school. Wednesday mornings my niece and nephew are dropped off at 64:5am, and go to school with my kids. Monday and Tuesdays after school I babysit them for an hour or two. Everyday varies. If I am not taking a kid to a doctors or dentist appointment, then I am at home cleaning or coffee with a friend. Jordyn has soccer practice twice a week and Peyton has dance once a week, Wednesdays are my busy days. Come summer Dyson will be in Football twice a week. I also help our PAC out once in a while when I remember something is happening. I have the worst memory.

Do you have help?

I am very lucky my kids will help, around the house quite often. My parents used to take them but they moved away last summer.

Who cooks dinner?

My boyfriend and I make dinner. Usually he does on days where I just have too much going on. Chandler also makes dinner on some nights, he will usually ask for specific ingredients first.

How often do you buy something just for you?

Does Tim Horton’s count?? Then basically every day. Otherwise once a year, I will buy myself clothing but that’s usually with my Christmas money from my parents.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

Some medical issues have stopped me from exercising but I try to just walk as much as possible especially to and from my kid’s school, plus all the cleaning at home, steps are killer lol.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

Wal-Mart is the usual go to. Urban Planet/Behaviour for my teens. I find that the jean’s fit my skinner son better.

I’m totally obsessed with…

Snow. If it would just stay off the road. I would be the happiest person lol

Three things in my purse right now are…

What’s a purse? lol. I do not carry one I have a wallet.

My favourite drugstore buy is…

A few years ago. Voodoo dolls. They were cute.

My guilty pleasure is…

Coffee. Can not survive without it.

Thank you to Jenn Ferguson for taking the time out of her day to let us know “How Does She Do It.”


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