Hydrotherm Massage | What it is and Why You Should Go For One

Britannia Hills

What is a Hydrotherm Massage you ask? And Where Do You Get One?

Britannia Hills is a fabulous new, family owned and operated, Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa in Stony Plain!


When you walk in to Britannia Hills you are greeted by friendly faces and a warm atmosphere; I had the pleasure of meeting most of the family and they were all so welcoming! Britannia Hills is a fabulous addition to our great community.

The hydrotherm massage is unique because you can lie on your back while having your back massaged.


I know it sounds like a strange concept but it is really neat and I encourage everyone to try! You lay down on a water cushion that is kept at a constant temperature of 37 degrees, I thought of it like a heated water bed. The massage therapist is able to give you a full massage while you relax with heat.

If you are more comfortable laying on your back or are unable to lay on your tummy the hydrotherm massage is for you!


I am expecting baby number three and have not been able to lay on my tummy for quite a few months! When I was pregnant with my first baby I went for a traditional massage, but for that massage I had to lay on my side with pillows around me to make me “comfortable”. I did not find that I was completely comfortable on my side and the arranging and rearranging of pillows [and me] was not very relaxing. For the hydrotherm massage I was able to lie down once and not have to move at all until the massage was over. I was cosy and comfortable while enjoying a relaxing massage!

Britannia Hills Massage Therapy and Spa offer a variety of services; you can find all the details here. Keep in mind Britannia Hills is the only spa in Canada that is offering Hydrotherm Massage Therapy!


AND Britannia Hills is a perks partner! They are offering our members 10% off all products and services! If you aren’t a perks partner yet you can sign up here!


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