Ice on Whyte Jan 27- Feb 6, 2022


What’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD! Every year, Ice on Whyte Festival brings internationally acclaimed sculptors from across the country to carve up a wicked combo of ice and art. This year, they are building a breathtaking sculpture garden featuring the work of 11 internationally recognized snow and ice carvers from across Canada. Alongside the 8 large signature pieces, you will be mesmerized by demonstrations of ice carving techniques and get inspired to try your hand at carving in the Chippers ice carving tent for kids and adults.


Last night, my family and I were invited to check out this magnificent event. To say the talent of the sculptors was amazing would be an understatement. One misstep and the sculptures could be ruined, yet they are perfection. The lights behind the ice make them glow brilliantly. The snow sculptures were no less incredible.

But this event is not just looking at ice sculptures, you can also carve your own, play giant Jenga in the gazebo, warm up by a fire, and enjoy a hot dog from Fat Franks. There is also an ice slide for the kiddos. Sadly the slide was not ready when we were there, but we did get to see them working on it, and it looks like it will be a blast! Definitely a fun event to get out of the house and enjoy the lovely weather we are having.

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What is the Ice on Whyte Festival?

The Ice on Whyte Festival was founded in 2003 by the Old Strathcona Business Association in partnership with local artists interested in presented the unique art-form of ice carving to Edmonton.

Ice on Whyte is a delightfully fun-filled winter experience. When you visit the event, you would find yourself surrounded by the best of winter. The ice carving competition is one of only three ice carving competitions in Canada. This year be inspired and amazed by the creations of some of Canada’s best carvers.

The competition will be held in a tent to control the temperature and protect the sculptures from the outside environment. Be amazed by blocks of ice that have been transformed into masterpieces of art.

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Carving ice is made by a special process that freezes water from the bottom up in a Clinebell machine. This process allows the impurities to rise to the top and be trimmed off, resulting in a crystal clear block of ice. Each block of ice is 1M (40″) X .5M (20″) X .25M (10″) and weighs 135 KG (297 LBS).


  • Andrew Wagner – Edmonton, AB
  • Cliff Vacheresse – Edmonton, ABwhyte
  • Larry MacFarlane – Winnipeg, AB
  • Manoj Khorugdharry – Ottawa, ON
  • Ross Baisas – Vderdun, PQ
  • Rusty Cox – Fairmount Hot Springs, BC
  • Scott Harrison – Calgary, AB
  • Steve Buzak – Edmonton, AB


  • Alex Avelino – Winlaw, BC
  • Cliff Vacheresse – Edmonton, AB
  • Peter Vogalaar- Winlaw, BC

Create Your Own Ice Carving 

After viewing the ice sculptures, take a shot at creating your own small ice carving. We run  Chipper classes for people of all ages. Try your hand at carving some ice with our chippers ice carving lessons. You’ll get a hands-on instruction, safety gear, and your very own piece of carving ice.

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*Restriction Exemption Program (REP) in effect.  All guests 12+ must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon entry*


When is Ice on Whyte?

This winter event runs from January 27 to February 6, 2022.

Ice Carving Exhibit (hours are subject to change)

January 27 to February 6
Weekdays 5pm – 9:30pm
Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 9:30pm
Closed Monday January 31st



How much are tickets?

  • Adults $6
  • Child $4 (2 to 13 years old)
  • Under 2 free

Tickets are available online or at the gate; we accept cash, VISA, Mastercard and debit.



Where is Ice On Whyte?

Ice on Whyte is located at Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park (8331 104 Street NW, Edmonton)

Ice On Whyte is located in the heart of Old Strathcona, an arts and entertainment area that is filled with wonderful shopping, dining, theatre, music and much more.


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