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j'adore dance

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J’Adore Dance is celebrating its 14th anniversary this year!

j'adore dance

Photo courtesy of J’Adore Dance

J’Adore’s Philosophy

At J’Adore, they offer non-competitive dance in a supportive and welcoming environment that has helped make it a favourite among dancers of all ages and abilities. They are continuously updating their curriculum as well as creating new programming that keeps them current and fresh!

j'adore dance

Photo courtesy of J’Adore Dance

About the Owners

Chantel Sampson and Jenna Brenan both hold Bachelor of Education degrees from the
University of Alberta and together have a combined 30 years of teaching experience. Chantel
and Jenna have been classroom teachers in inclusive arts settings, as well as having designed and
implemented dance programs for Edmonton Public and Catholic Schools. Annually, they renew
both their Alberta Fitness Leadership Certifications and Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist
Certifications. They are members of the Alberta Dance Educators Association and attend yearly
dance educator conferences such as the Summer Dance Teacher Intensive (Creative Dance
Center, Seattle), Dance Teacher Web Summit (Las Vegas). Chantel and Jenna have presented at
multiple conferences such as the Alberta Teacher's Association Fine Arts Council Conference
and Alberta Dance Educators Association Conference. Chantel has completed a Certificate in
Performing Arts Healthcare through the American College of Sports Medicine as well as
Yamuna® Body Rolling while Jenna holds a certification in Precision Nutrition Level 1


j'adore dance

Photo courtesy of J’Adore Dance

But that’s not all! All staff are encouraged to have, and maintain, their first aid and level C CPR.
All instructors teaching JDance® classes have gone through the internship program. As a staff,
they also come together multiple times throughout the year to review lesson plans, discussing
things such as choreographic process and techniques for working with dancers of all ability levels.

Instructors are able to attend each-others’ classes at the studio as a form of peer professional
development. J’Adore also organizes, and offers, new professional development opportunities for its staff.

What sets J’Adore apart from the rest?

Their award winning programming, their expertly designed curriculum, their all-inclusive philosophy – Yes, these things help set J’Adore apart. But, most importantly, it is their highly educated and trained staff!

At J’Adore Dance, all of the teachers hold university degrees, or are currently working towards completing their degrees, in either Education, Dance, Science, Music Therapy, or Psychology. In addition to their initial degrees, many of the teachers at J’Adore have their Masters’, PHDs, and/or additional certifications such as Yoga Instruction, Pre/Postnasal Fitness, Coaching, Fitness Leadership, Infant Massage, Integrative dance and non-violent crisis interventions. This makes them experts in curriculum design and delivery.

j'adore dance

Why is all of This so Important?

J’Adore Dance believes that having a highly trained staff, that not only understands dance and movement, but how children learn and what developmental stages they are going through, makes them experts in the classroom. They understand that children are not ready to skip before they can hop on one foot; that if a child is not able to isolate and ground their lower half of their body that there may be some emotional grounding concerns that will be present in the classroom; that including shoulder stabilization activities, such as bear walk and crab walks, not only work on upper body and core strength and coordination, but are vital for fine motor development such as penmanship.

Emerging studies reveal a substantial connection between movement and cognition, meaning that the more students move, the better they may learn. Highly trained dance teachers understand this and can make a significant, life-long impact on children and adolescents.

j'adore dance

At J’Adore Dance, they feel having this level of instructor knowledge and understanding of the growing and developing child is absolutely necessary to giving each child the very best experience and is why their programs are such a success. J’Adore classes not only offer a safe, encouraging environment for kids, but also provide children and adolescents important developmental opportunities.

Because of their ongoing training and professional development, J’Adore instructors are able to recognize the nuances of a child’s stage of development and drawing on their enhanced background knowledge and depth of experience they are able to find ways to modify an activity to meet the needs of each individual dancer.

In essence, J’Adore Dance has instructors that are highly trained in all areas of dance and movement education, and great teachers and great owners make J’Adore Dance the number one choice for inclusive, non-competitive dance education and dance fitness!!

For more information about J’Adore Dance, click here!

Watch for NEW parented dance programs coming in the Spring! – Keep an eye on the blog for more information on these, and all of the rest of the dance programs J’Adore has to offer!

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