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I have always been a bit of a magazine hoarder. There is something about all that bite size information all together in one place that makes me giddy. I love to flip through a magazine (even if only just once per issue) to ogle the images and style in everything from a parenting magazine to home decor, travel, and my favourite – beauty & fashion magazines.

As recently as two months ago you would find me at the library borrowing a stack of magazines, and purchasing up to five to seven different issues every month (costing $30-45 per month).

Then I heard about Next Issue Canada. An App used to bring together ALL of my favourite magazines onto my iPad or iPhone! It also works with Windows 8 PCs and tablets and Android tablets.

For $9.99 per month, you get access to all of the most popular magazines on your device. (Want two months FREE to try it out? Use Code: Bonus30 at this link: www.nextissue.ca/modernmama – but only until April 15!)

Here’s what I love most about this App

It’s Innovative

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Every single month I have access to my favourite magazines on the same day they hit newsstands. When I open the App my faves are marked ‘New’ if they have the recent issue. When I select my magazine, it shows me all the recent issues for that Title, too. Which means I can go back and read old issues of any magazine, as shown above with InStyle.

I also love that I can de-select Titles I don’t want to see in my Library. For example, I don’t need to see new issues of Backpacker or Farming magazines (but I can go download them whenever I wish so should I choose).

It Saves Me Money

I read three business magazines, three parenting magazines and about 5-8 beauty/fashion/women’s magazines per month, plus home decor and recipe Titles occasionally. That right there is worth $80 per month!

It Helps Stock My Inspiration Folder

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When I see a page I want to save for reference, I snap a photo of it on my device (on iPhone/iPad hold down the Start button at the same time as your Home button and you will have a screen capture saved to your Camera Roll) and store in my Evernote folders for future reference.

Electronic Issues have MORE Goodness

More information, videos, links, just plain more content than a print issue. For example, the March issue of Architectural Digest included a full ‘making of’ video with Patrick Dempsey about the photo shoot and background on his Malibu home shot for the issue. I loved watching this even though I’m not a regular reader of this Title.

Quick: This offer is only good until April 15th! So try it out mamas: 60 days FREE with Bonus30 at NextIssue.ca/modernmama. Do it! You’ll love it, promise! (Visit Next Issue Canada on Facebook and Twitter too.)


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but everything in it is my own opinion and experience using Next Issue!


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