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Amber Strocel

Our next featured speaker in our Sept. 12th Mama Blogs! event is the lovely Amber Strocel of

Amber is a wonderful and prolific writer. She’s been blogging for nearly 10 years, since 2003 – incredible! The archives on her blog are a treasure trove of resources and reviews for parents.

Amber writes in an upfront, informative, and approachable style. Her blog features some detailed commentary on breastfeeding plus many posts around living a sustainable life as an Enviro-Mama. She also provides detailed reviews of different products, which I find a valuable resource.

But my favourite feature of Amber’s blog is actually her podcasts! Amber is a wonderful interviewer, asking intelligent and thoughtful questions. I always learn something after every podcast I listen to and she’s been lucky enough to interview a wide range of experts. One of my recent favourites was with Karen Billion, author of French Kids Eat Everything.

What I want to ask Amber at the Mama Blogs! Event:

– How do you find topics to write for, and how do you stay inspired to keep going?
– What type of equipment do you use for a podcast? Is it easy to set-up and why did you decide to use these as additional blog content?
– How do you juggle your blog with all your others roles: Mom, Content Manger for, and Crafting My Life?

Amber will be on our panel of amazing Mom Bloggers at our Mama Blogs! event on September 12th.

We’ll be featuring all our panelists this week. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured blogger: Kristina Cross of {swank}Mama!

Check out our past featured blog, The Thirties Grind.

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