Navigating Sex After Children With KY

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with K-Y. As always all my opinions are my own*


Let’s talk about sex.

Yes – you read that correctly! I’m sure many of you are cringing at the idea of discussing your sex life and I get it. After having kids there was a definite change to my sex life.  Long gone are the days of being intimate with my husband whenever the mood would strike us. Having children can throw a wrench into even the healthiest of sex lives. For us, we knew how important intimacy is for a marriage and had to make it a priority, sometimes even planning when it would happen.


After giving birth you must wait 6-8 weeks depending on what type of birth you had before resuming regular activities which include sex. With my daughter despite having a natural birth, I didn’t feel ready until I was 8 weeks postpartum. With my son, I seemed to bounce back slightly quicker and was ready to go after my 6-week checkup. What didn’t change for me was the fact that I needed some extra help via lubrication. I think most moms can attest to the fact that things mostly get back to normal after birth. However, the fact that you haven’t been intimate for 6-8 weeks and that means you need to ease back into it. The first time I ever used a K-Y product was postpartum with my daughter and it helped immensely!



Who is K-Y?


K-Y started in a medical lab in New York City over 100 years ago! Their priority and mission are to empower women to take control of their sex life and have better sex, always. This is why K-Y is America’s number one doctor recommended lubricant brand!


K-Y has a ton of different products and I’m confident that everyone will find something that works for them. Down below I included a list of the products K-Y sent me to try out! They are some of their best selling products and I can see why.






My personal favorite was the K-Y® SENSUAL SILK® it was one of the first products I ever tried from K-Y and I still absolutely love it. The K-Y Warming Jelly wasn’t my favorite as a lubricant but was great as a massage oil!


I know even in my early twenties I felt I didn’t ” need ” to use a lubricant as I was so young. But, did you know that 2/3rd’s of the month women are not optimally lubricated enough for sex? Generally, you are optimally lubricated when you’re ovulating and for good reason! As I said previously, I started using K-Y after giving birth to my daughter and now after getting back into the swing of things I still use their products. Often, because let’s be honest you have to squeeze in your alone time with your spouse whenever you can. Sometimes this means not having the of time to take things as slowly as you would like!




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