New Year, New Goals

With every new year I like to set some new goals, both for myself and for my family. I’m not big on resolutions because I NEVER keep them and the thought of keeping resolutions just puts too much pressure on me, so I set goals and alter and re-evaluate the goals periodically through the year.

Usually I set my goals in January and get the plan in motion with the start of the new year; but this year January just want by waaaay to fast and here I am in February, not stressing it and writing my goals.

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Here they are:

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a phrase that my Grandpa used all the time when I was young and of course I didn’t really get it at the time; now that I am an adult who stress over way too many little things, I get it. So with that, I am hoping to stress less over the little things and just enjoy life as it comes.

Be More Present

OK, here is where I admit that I am bad for over-using social media and instead of being present in real moment, I am present in the online world. This year I would like to connect with people more face-to-face than I have in the past — wish me luck!

Cook More

When I say cook more, I actually mean cook more of a variety of foods. I love cooking and I cook almost every night but my meals are on rotation and I rarely stray from my favorite ten recipes.

Spend More Time as a Family

I will admit that this is a hard one, with activities, schedules and events pulling us in different directions it can be hard to find the time to spend as a family unit. Our family has been implementing a family movie night once (or twice) a week and so far it’s been working; some weeks we watch two movies and others we watch none but that’s just how it goes and i’m not sweating it. My kids love popcorn and they will sit (mostly) sit through a movie as long as their bowls are full, and with Netflix the movie options are unlimited so we can usually find something that everyone enjoys.

Teach my Children about Others

As my children are getting older I want them to learn about other people, animals and the world around them. There are a few ways that I am planning to implement this, volunteering at our local Seniors home, donating time/money/efforts to worthy causes and charities and talking, reading and watching movies about different ways of life. I am so excited to introduce my children to the Planet Earth Series and since it is on Netflix they are excited about it too! In addition to Planet Earth, these titles are on our to-watch list right now:

21369185 - on the way to school

22220753 - planet earth

11810194 - the short game

What are your New Year Goals?





**I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, however all views expressed are my own**

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