One Tiny Suitcase: An Essential Service for Families!

One of the things that I think most new parents are shocked by is the amount of stuff that comes along with having a tiny baby. We have one child who has been around for just over 2.5 years now and I think he has more things that my husband and I! This has never been more evident than when we are getting ready for a trip, helping a friend unload all of her baby stuff when she comes to stay with us or when visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

Enter One Tiny Suitcase Baby Equipment Rentals. This company was inspired by an Albertan mom of twins after her first trip to Hawaii. They offer rental services in Calgary and Edmonton- this includes St. Albert as well!


There are 3 categories of rental items that One Tiny Suitcase offers:

1) Baby Equipment for Travellers: If you are planning a trip to Calgary or Edmonton, hosting another family, needing to make the grandparent’s home a little more baby friendly or just wanting an item to rent for yourself this is what you need! Strollers, playpens, cribs, monitors (including video), toys, car seats, high chairs and more are all available.

2) Expectant Moms: You can rent medical grade fetal dopplers for the duration of your pregnancy. These are the same dopplers that midwives and doctors use, so you know they are reliable. I love this idea for anyone who has had a pregnancy scare and wants some extra reassurance that things are progressing well or to share the joy of baby’s heartbeat with family members who may not get to be with you at your appointments.

3) New Moms: One Tiny Suitcase offers hospital grade Medela Breastpumps and infant scales for rent. Perfect for moms who aren’t sure if they will be pumping on a regular basis and moms who need to closely monitor baby’s weight. (Heading to the health unit to use the scale every few days when you’ve just given birth is no fun for anyone!)

One Tiny Suitcase

Medical Grade Fetal Doppler

Things we love about One Tiny Suitcase

  • Brands: They specialize in brand favourites like Britax, Peg Perego & Valco!
  • Quality: All items are “like new” since they are not used every single day. All rental items are cleaned and strictly checked for quality/safety concerns before they are re-rented again.
  • Medela: Seriously, in my opinion, the best brand for breastpumps. When I was in the hospital I used the “Symphony” pump and nothing compares to it. Why waste time and pump longer than needed?
  • Delivery: Delivery of the Medela Breastpumps are free and other items can be delivered for a fee.They will even meet at your hotel if you are visiting.
  • Local Pick Up: If you prefer, you can pick up your items in north Edmonton.
  • Wee Help: When a rental item is ready to be retired it is donated to our friends at Wee Help who then sell it at their bi-annual sale which raises money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital.
  • Personalized Service: Your One Tiny Suitcase representative is a local mom who is knowledgable about the products. She will set up the items for you and show you how they work. Hello crib assembly! Also, I really think having a breast pump arrive at your door with someone who is able to show you exactly how it works is quite possibly the best idea ever for an exhausted and overwhelmed new mom.
    One Tiny Suitcase

    Gulliver Full Size Wooden Crib

  • Toys/Entertainment Items: There is nothing worse than buying multiples of everything so that you can have baby’s exersaucer or playgym at grandma’s house for the few months they use them. It’s also a major pain to haul these items in your car every time you visit. One Tiny Suitcase can rent you these items on a weekly or monthly basis, saving you time, money and headaches.
  • Perks Partner: One Tiny Suitcase is also a Modern Mama Perks Partner! They offer 10% off fetal dopplers and the Medela Breastpump rentals to Modern Mama Members. We think that’s pretty special.

You can visit One Tiny Suitcase’s website here or call Monica at 587-784-0212 or shoot them an email at



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