Our Review of Disney’s Moana

I was delighted to go see Disney’s Moana, before opening day in an advanced screening. I took my 3 year old son, and both of us are a lover of cartoons…and well…Disney!

The tale of Moana is that of a young girl “chosen” by the ocean, to put an end to the darkness that is spreading through all the lands of her people. The darkness started when a demi-God, “Maui” stole the heart of “Tafiti”, which created a chain of darkness to spread in the lands. The fire demon “Tekah” emerged and Maui was no longer found. Since then, the people have not left the island.  Moana always felt connected to the ocean and wanting to voyage further, but being held to carry on the duties and follow her father’s, The Chief’s, footsteps, she is forbidden. Until given the blessing by her grandmother. She sets on an epic journey across the ocean to find Maui, have him return the heart to Tafiti and restore the lands greatness.

It is a beautiful tale and legend, set in Polynesian island themes, with amazing imagery and fantastic songs. Of course, what else would you expect from Disney.

The characters, Moana and Maui, have a really great banter that make the story funny at times, entertaining, and keep you wanting to know what will happen. It leaves you feeling great, emotional and definitely happy. You will be rooting for Moana, and fall in love with her spirit.

I don’t think it’s Disney’s best film, but it is a good one for sure. You will love this heart-warming film. The kids will enjoy the funny and fun-loving characters. I definitely think less than 3 years would not sit through this film, but pre-school and up, you should be good to go. My son got up a few times, but eventually settled and sat through the entire thing, it’s something about the journey (it’s a battling journey through the ocean), all the animals and creatures, that kids just love, well you admittedly will too.

So go check it out, yes, it’s worth the movie price (I would tell you if it was not).

Enjoy, and maybe take a tissue.


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