SOLIUS Sunshine Device at the Wellness Garage

I attended the launch of the SOLIUS device at the Wellness Garage and received a free session.

All opinions are my own.

SOLIUS device

The outside view of the SOLIUS device

What Is A SOLIUS Device?

At SOLIUS they have isolated that very specific beneficial spectrum of the sun’s energy and packaged it into a user-friendly device, prioritizing the patient experience. The foundation of SOLIUS (the device and the company) is their light science. They work with world class doctors and scientists to ensure that our product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. SOLIUS is licensed by Health Canada.

Light energy from the sun is used by humans to synthesize several photoproducts. There is a mountain of scientific research that validates our innate drive to get outside on a sunny day and soak up those rays. When human skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces several peptides and hormones that contribute to systemic wellness, including vitamin D.


My Experience

Prior to starting the machine you download the app. A credit card or Apple Pay are the only payment methods that they accept. The machine is larger than a tanning bed so there is not a claustrophobic feeling. Once inside the device, you answer a few questions about your skin type which allows the experience to be tailored to suit your individual needs. You do not have to get naked but the more skin visible, the more beneficial the treatment. A SOLIUS subscription is $50/month and it is recommended using the device once a week for maximum vitamin D benefits. From opening the app and getting in and out of the device was less than 10 minutes. The mobile app allows you to customize the experience and set reminders for the next session. In less than 5 minutes I was able to get 10 times more Vitamin D than an hour of midday summer sunlight without the harmful UVA rays. I am really bad at remembering to take pills so having the opportunity to get it from this device is really beneficial for me.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Improves Mood
  • Increases your cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Improves gene transcription to keep our body working properly
  • Strengthens bones and muscles by regulating calcium uptake

SOLIUS invite

Wellness Garage

The Wellness Garage is what every doctors office should be like. The Wellness Garage is a physician-led Lifestyle Medicine practice that uses an evidence-based approach to lifestyle illness and disability by focusing on core lifestyle behaviors: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress tolerance, relationships and purpose. All medically necessary treatments are covered under MSP and a referral from your GP isn’t required to book a consultation. They offer a Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Assessment, Target Nutrition Assessment, Target Fitness Assessment and a Pharmacogenetic Medication Review. The Wellness Garage also features a café that serves local and organic, when possible, foods that are made on site and fresh to order. People are encouraged to bring their own containers if taking food to go.


Images were provided from SOLIUS.

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