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Well Fed Studio LogoIt is difficult to convey in writing how excited I am to have discovered Well Fed Studio, a North Shore business owned and operated by local mom and foodie extraordinaire, Ann Marie Rideout. A good friend of mine recently invited me to join a meal assembly class at Well Fed Studio with a group of 6 other women, and when I read the description for the class on the website (“Do you stare inside your fridge and only see milk and condiments at dinner time? Are you tired of spending all of your money on take-out? Running low on time to prepare healthy meals?”), my answers were emphatically “YES, YES, and YES!” I signed up in a heartbeat, as the lure of having someone else do the planning, shopping and chopping while I spent time with my friends assembling 8 family-sized entrees for my freezer was too much to resist.


Well Fed Studio

About a week before our scheduled assembly class (which costs $238), I received an email reminder from Ann Marie to choose my 8 entrees (any of which can be doubled up if something sounds extra tasty to you). This is what I chose from April’s menu:

  • Chicken stuffed with asparagus, brie and wrapped in prosciutto
  • BBQ pork tenderloin ribs
  • Asparagus/portabella lasagne roll ups with truffle cream sauce
  • Mediterranean white bean, sausage, fennel and tomato au gratin
  • Pomegranate-balsamic glazed wild sockeye salmon
  • Tofu curry in a sweet/spicy peanut sauce
  • Bison blue cheese burgers
  • Asian lettuce roll ups

As decadent as it looks!

The evening of our meal assembly class got off to a great start when we were greeted with glasses of chilled white wine and a platter of colourful berries and large chunks of chocolate (two of my favourite foods!). After Ann Marie and her lovely assistant talked us through the meal assembly process and we got going on each of our selected entrees, the energy in the room was palpable. As we saw the extent of the prep work that had been done ahead of time (and correspondingly the amount of time saved in our own kitchens), and worked our way through each of our meals (assembly, packaging and labeling with cooking instructions), the sense of satisfaction was immense. I’m a person who thrives on getting things checked off my never-ending to do list, and in my head all evening I could hear “check, check, check!”.


Lasagne roll ups

All of the entrees that made it into my freezer were to be cooked from frozen or thawed the night before. As I don’t usually know whether my husband is going to be home for dinner until that same afternoon (making thawing something the night before a bit tricky), I started out with the cooked from frozen options (lasagne roll ups and Mediterranean white bean casserole). They were both delicious and we had plenty of leftovers to get us through another dinner the following night. Later that week, I thawed the chicken stuffed with asparagus and brie the night before I knew we were having family over for dinner, and this was also a big hit. For entrees that last for one meal, it works out to approximately $30 per meal, and for entrees that can stretch over two meals, $15 per meal is even better and seems quite reasonable to me (especially when you consider the cost of takeout or groceries, and the fact that you know you’re getting quality ingredients without any preservatives or additives from Well Fed Studio).


8 family-sized entrees

Ann Marie has also branched out from meal assembly classes to include a meal pickup option from her studio and a delivery option to your home, which allows busy parents to pay only $30 more than the regular class price to have all of the meal assembly done for them. And we’re happy to announce that Well Fed Studio is Modern Mama’s newest Perks Partner, giving each of our Perks Members $30 off their first meal pickup or home delivery!

Also exciting to mention is that Well Fed Studio is moving from the Delbrook area to a brand new space in the Lower Lonsdale area this coming September. In-person assembly classes and meal pickup will be on hiatus for the summer months until the new space opens, but meal delivery to your home will be available all summer long (regular price $268, Perks Member price of $238 for your first delivery).


An evening with good friends 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, Well Fed Studio is providing one of our lucky followers with an amazing Mother’s Day gift – a meal delivery right to your front door…that’s 8 family-sized entrees of your choice for your freezer (a $268 value!).

Enter below for your chance to win. Contest ends Friday, May 10th at 12:00 midnight. Good luck everyone!

– Angela

Full Disclosure: I received compensation for providing you with my honest opinion about Well Fed Studio.

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    As a busy mom of 2, dinner can be a challenge; I would love to have some ready-made delicious meals to pull out of the freezer!

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  4. 4

    Yes! Please save me from dinner madness!!! I could use a little inspiration. Everything sounds delish!

  5. 5

    I’ve got 3 young kids and little time to make dinner most nights. Would LOVE to have a few meals to be able to pull out, as well as new recipe ideas :)Great idea!

  6. 6

    WellFed is fantastic!!!! Had their balsamic salmon for dinner tonight and it was so yummy! Can’t wait to go back.

  7. 7
  8. 8

    LOVE Well Fed! I was one of the attendees at the class that night and can’t wait to go back again.

  9. 9

    I attended a cookie party at Well Fed during the holidays and not only loved the end result, but loved the whole process – everyone there was so nice you can’t help but root for their success!

    As a working mother of two, I would absolutely love to win this prize — not only would it give me a chance to try Well Fed entrees, but it would likely be the catalyst to my returning again and again! 🙂

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  13. 13

    I have many friends who race about well fed! I have yet to attend a class as the timing never worked for me but would love to win!

  14. 14

    While I only have one child (who’s only just started eating solids), I do have a husband who eats A LOT and who also works shift work. This sounds like a great solution to the “what on earth can I make for dinner” dilemma that I often face at 6pm when hubby is due to come home from work and I haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping, let alone cook something! And to be able to have leftovers for myself for the next day when he works night shift would be fantastic (the number of nights I have resorted to canned soup or cereal for dinner is embarrassing!).

  15. 15

    As a first time mom going back to work its a challenge some days to get everyone feed healthy delicious meals. Would love to win this, its sounds Amazing!!

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