Spring Fashion Tips from Lynn Spence

Earlier today I had the pleasure of attending a lunch with fashion expert, Lynn Spence, where I learned about Spring Style as well as some basic fashion tips!


As a Mom of three children (age four and under) I have put my personal fashion on the back burner for too long; and I often feel like my children are best dressed than I am. Recently I have attempted to venture out and find something new and fresh but usually end up feeling overwhelmed by my options and give up before I find something really great. After hearing from Lynn today and seeing this gorgeous collection from Sears Canada I am ready to try again.

Lynn’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Athleisure has changed Fashion; you can now find great pieces that are both comfortable and look amazing
  • Everything looks better when it fits
  • TRY IT ON (even if you don’t love the way something looks on the hanger, try it on, it might look amazing on you)
  • Pants should come to the ankle, it’s slimming and you can show off your shoes
  • Sears Canada offers clothing for every age group, it just depends on how you style it


Lynn not only shared her style tips but she also showed us how to match up the Sears Canada spring line to make comfortable, put together looks with no effort at all.


And I just adored this look for the little girls, this dress was lovely with and without the denim jacket…


These are just a few of the great pieces we saw today, and I will definitely be going in to Sears to try some on for myself! Note: This is not a sponsored post, I just really loved what I saw today and I am feeling confident that I can find some great new pieces to add to my wardrobe.


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