Take Your Family Game Night To The Next Level With Hasbro


*Disclosure: I did receive some of these games to be able to facilitate this blog post. As always all my opinions are my own*



With everything happening it’s important to have activities you can do together as a family. We have always enjoyed board games getting together once a month for games night with my husband’s family. Now we are making our own with the members of our household! So, I have put together a list of our favorite games and linked where you can find them. We hope that your family will enjoy them as much as we do.


Monopoly Voice Banking


Since my daughter has gotten older we have been able to play Monopoly with her. My son is only 4 so it has been a bit challenging with him but this version simplified things for us. With not having to keep track of money and only using property cards it was much more doable. You press the button with your character on it and tell Mr.Monopoly what you’re wanting to do. My daughter caught on immediately and did great with it. Highly recommend!


The Game Of Life


This was definitely one of my favorite games growing up and I was so glad we were able to purchase it. We love the addition of pets into your family and my husband and I got a kick out of the up to date life cards. My daughter regularly asks to play but it doesn’t keep my sons attention. The 8+ age rating is perfect for this game.


Mouse Trap


Another classic! This one takes quite a bit of set up but the kids have a blast playing it. Great for most ages 🙂


Hungry Hungry Hippos


Hands down my son’s favorite game of the bunch. He was asking me for weeks when it would show up and it did not disappoint. If you have a toddler this is the game for you!




So many memories with this game as a child and it’s honestly harder than I remember. This one is even going to take some practice even for the adults. We let the kids have a couple of free buzzes otherwise they would never get them out. Completely necessary to avoid some tears.  Hoping they will get the hang of it the more we practice!


Connect 4


We have found this game is great for teaching your kids strategic skills. Figuring out what your opponent’s next move will be and how you can prevent them from winning. This is a simple game most kids can play, sometimes our kids make up their own rules for fun.




As you can tell we are big on the games of our childhood as we see a lot of value in them. Yahtzee is no exception to this! While we do have to help my 8-year-old figure out which option to take ( she is slowly getting the hang of it ) this is still a game we all have fun playing together.


Chutes and Ladders


We wanted at least one game we knew we could all play and Chutes and Ladders was one of them. My daughter was particularly excited as she had played this game many times at school. I was happy that we could bring some familiarity of school, home with us.


Bring Home The Fun

During this tough time, many parents are at a loss to find fun and educational activities for their children to do at home. Hasbro has launched this amazing initiative called Bring Home The Fun in which they provide resources to keep children occupied.


Whether families are looking for activity challenges to keep kids busy, ways to use games and toys to stimulate their brains, or ideas for helping kids cope with emotional stress, and more. You can find all of this at bringhomethefun.com.

Hasbro is also a very proud partner to both Save The Children and No Kid Hungry to support the #savethestories campaign. They provide thousands of Hasbro toys and games to continue to inspire learning, creativity, and fun during these stressful times dealing with Covid-19.


The Breakfast Club Of Canada is another organization that Hasbro has committed to supporting. Their organization helps feed 250,000 children and youth across the country. This donation will directly support those in the program as well as those local community organizations that are assisting food-insecure families and children during this challenging time.











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