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*UPDATE * We have, sadly learned that the TerraCycle recycling program is no longer being offered for the Tassimo Discs. This has nothing to do with the zoo, as the program was run by the TerraCycle program. Currently, the only option that we are aware of for recycling these discs is to purchase your own Zero Waste container from Staples and then mail in your used discs to be disposed of.


Single serve coffee machines have become super popular over the last few years! Most moms I know love the option to make a single hot beverage when the need strikes, and it is often….. hello coffee! We own a Tassmiso that was given to us as a wedding gift and 5 years later it still works like a charm, but every time I throw those plastic T-Discs in the garbage I feel awful. Today I learned about the TerraCycle program and I wanted to share it with you!

Tassimo Chart

Every time you enjoy a Tassimo beverage, you can save the T-Discs (including the coffee grounds remaining inside the T-Disc) and the outer foil packaging and drop them off at the Edmonton Zoo! TerraCycle will recycle the used T-Discs and packaging into eco-friendly products like plastic garbage cans, watering cans, benches, cutting boards, hard shells for coolers, play grounds and plastic lumber.

Another exciting aspect of this recycling program is that for each T-Disc that gets recycled a school or non-profit organization will be awarded one TerraCycle point which can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts or for a payment of $0.01 to the non-profit organization or school.


All you have to do is collect your used T-Discs and the foil packaging and bring them with you to your next visit to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The recycling bins are located in the zoo’s entry plaza, near the gift store. Done! 

For more information about the various TerraCycle programs, click here.

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        I just came back from the Zoo to drop off a bag of Tassimo Discs and Foil Bags in their recyclable station. They had up a sign that informed us the Zoo will be removing the Recycle Station as of this December. Will there be another station somewhere else?

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    I am the Assistant Manager of a local Sobeys store.. how could we get involved with the collection?
    Sounds like a awesome program
    and definitely know Schools in need of assistance.

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    • 9

      Me too! So happy, we have a container right beside the machine now for the used ones to collect. No excuses for me!

  6. 10
  7. 12

    Going all the way to the zoo just to recycle the discs? Probably not. I’ve never been to the zoo and have no plans to do so. Hopefully there will be more options available soon.

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  10. 18

    Very disappointed Tassimo did not re-approve Grande Prairie as a drop-off for the pods. I hate the thought of throwing them in the trash!

    • 19

      That is really too bad Bonnie! I know some people open them up and clean out the grinds and then recycle the plastic part, but it would be really nice to see a program in place for your community:(

  11. 20

    I wish that they did the K-Cups, but since they don’t I will share a little tip. You can now buy a plastic set up with tiny coffee filters so you can use your own coffee and not have the worry over throwing away so much plastic. It’s not quite as convenient, but it is still pretty easy. I found mine at London Drugs.

  12. 22

    Where can I get these recycling boxes in maple ridge bc and who do we contact or who do we get it picked up?

    • 23

      Hi Tanya, please go to the Terra Cycle website for more information about programs like this in other communities:)

  13. 24

    Would it be possible to get our local schools in the peace wapiti school division ( EXAMPLE:EAGLESHAM SCHOOL) to start collecting these items and somehow get them to the zoo.

    • 25

      I’m sure that would be an option! Please contact the Edmonton Zoo to speak with a staff member there. Wonderful idea!

  14. 26

    I hope they get one for the k cups which I use. I hate throwing them out every day.

  15. 27
  16. 29

    Do you know who or how to contact someone with regards to starting the same program for the Keurig K-Cups?


    • 30

      I’m not sure, but you can visit the Terra Cycle website and see if they have an options:)

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  20. 35

    The Valley Zoo stopped doing this, is there anywhere else in Edmonton/St. Albert that collects them? Someone mentioned London Drugs might do it but I haven’t found one.

    • 36

      We’ve recently learned of this:( After speaking with the TerraCycle representative it does not look like there is an option to drop off the T-Discs anywhere in the city for recycle.

  21. 37

    TerraCycle now accepts Nespresso capsules free of charge. Don’t know what to do with all the boxes of Tassimo T Discs I’ve collected over the past months…

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