Tips To Help Your Family Unplug This Thanksgiving


The beginning of the holiday season is here and that means it is time for family. It is time to get together, eat and laugh but thanks to our constantly buzzing devices it is a little harder to connect. The teenagers of the family are glued to them and not interested in conversation, the little ones are playing to keep quiet rather than playing together and Thanksgiving just doesn’t quite seem the same. So if you are hoping to create a little more togetherness here are our tips to help your family unplug this Thanksgiving!

Be upfront about your no phone zone

When you are putting in a no phone situation into place you need to be upfront about it. There is nothing worse than springing this type of thing on a bunch of teens/tweens/adults who are all glued to their devices. You need to make sure they are prepared for a nice dinner with family where everyone is talking to each other face to face. This also means you need to make sure you have set boundaries for phone time. Will you have a no phone time frame? Wille it be 100% phone free? Will you leave the last hour open for taking family photos or the first?

Out of sight out of mind

Putting all the phones in one place and out of direct eye line is the perfect way to keep your family from thinking about them. Making a cute basket with a sign can be a nice way to keep them safe and all together. We have even taken the time to make an image you can easily print and add to your holiday decor!

No Phone Zone

Have things to do

Now that you made the commitment to make your Thanksgiving a no free zone you need to do your best to entertain the masses. Keeping in mind the ages of everyone attending your Thanksgiving dinner, you need to provide a few fun activities. Creating a crafting table for the kids is always an incredible way to keep the little ones busy and making a controlled mess in one space. If the weather is nice make sure to have some outdoor family games to play like capture the flag, kick the can, cops and robbers or maybe a old fashioned game of soccer. If the weather isn’t working out for you make sure you bring out that collection of board games and get everyone playing together or on teams! Create ways for your family to make those simple memories together.


Lead by example

You and your family are the ones that want to connect without your devices so make sure you stay true. That means no sneaking away to go check your phone or snap a quick picture for Instagram, just because you are the host. You need to lead by example and that means no phone for you either. Set aside a time to take those family dinner photos, that way everyone gets to collect those precious memories to share later.

Armed with these tips and a little patience you can have a successful phone free thanksgiving.

Tell us have you ever had a successful phone free family meal?


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