Road Trip With Baby


Summertime almost always includes a road trip for my family. This year is no different, except for the fact that we are traveling with an infant.
Are you planning a trip anytime soon with your baby? Following are a few tips from my experience.
First, it’s good to understand where I’m coming from. My husband and I have travelled, a lot, and have gotten packing time down to 30-60 minutes before we have to leave to the airport or get on the road.
Second, the longest we’ve travelled with our son is 1 1/4 hours. Of which we had to stop once and play entertainer extraordinaire along the way.
Lastly, we are driving to Montreal and the weather forecast called for sun, showers, drizzle, clouds, pretty much every type of weather lest for snow.
The difference this time? Well, we’ll have to start packing way earlier. Have a number of toys/distractions available plus a place for him to stretch out at stops. And finally, a lot of clothing/blankets to cover the myriad of weather we’re bound to experience.
Here are my top items to bring with you:
A lot of clothes (including items for weather NOT on the forecast, i.e. light jacket, warm pants & top, mittens)
Shoes & lots of socks (what they’re standing on is mostly likely dirty and will transfer to socks)
A lot of toys
A lot of diapers & wipes
First aid kit (thermometer & meds: teething, fever, etc.)
Favorite books
Favorite music
Bulky blanket
Baby bulky blanket
Baby sleep blanket (to sleep on top of)
Stroller, carrier, baby wrap
Rain gear for baby & stroller
White noise sounds

Here are my top things to do while on the road:
Take frequent breaks. (Expect to add 30 minutes for each 1-2 hours on the road)
Depart from each rest stop as baby gets tired.

Sample timing schedule:
Plan to be ready to leave by baby’s first morning nap.
Dress them in comfortable traveling clothes, i.e. sleeper, onesie.
Once asleep or almost asleep, depart.
Once awakened play calmly with them. Distraction is King!
Plan your first stop.
Unload bulky blankets, use on table top or ground to let baby stretch out, roll, sit, etc.
Play! Jump to your little ones content.
Try feeding, burp and head to the car for the next session.
Before you know it you’ll have arrived.
One final note: although you can’t pack it, it helps to bring a LARGE supply of patience with you as well.
Best of luck on your vacation! Have fun and enjoy every moment of it!

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