Travel Friendly Kid Activities For Any Vacation!

When you travel with your whole family there can be some down time from time to time. There is lots of sitting for flights, car rides, trains and even tours. These are the times it can be the hardest to keep the kids happy and entertained. Thankfully there are so many amazingly smart Modern Mamas out there that have created some fantastic ideas all of us could use during any holiday away with the kids. Some of these great ideas are even great for replacing iPad’s while out to dinner. Here is hoping that these travel friendly kid activities for any vacation will be perfect for yours!

If you have little doodlers on your hands one of these super simple DIY Travel Coloring Case by Family Fresh Meals is right up your alley. You can even probably pull these off with supplies you have in and around your home already. Which makes it that much better. If you are pressed for time getting ready for your vacation this could be just what the doctor ordered. These can be taken to dinners, on all transportation and everywhere else in between so they can document their vacation through cute doodles.

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I spy is always a great game to play while driving around in your car but there are only so many things you can spy inside a car. This is exactly why I loved these LEGO I Spy Bags by Learning with Play at Home. These are a great way to keep the kids focused on their own tasks so you can focus on driving and navigating to your destination. These little sanity savers are even great for making friends at the airport or on the plane and they’re so easy to do, again, with items from around your house.

For those inquisitive kids you might have to get a little more creative. Creating a fun on the go game specific to your vacation travels is a great way to keep their minds busy and smiling. Doing something like these Free Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt For Kids by Stuffed Suitcase is a super fun idea! You could even play around with this idea in order to create your own so you can stimulate your kids even more based on their interests and what you know you will be visiting along the way. Moms and Munchkins’ Hotel Scavenger Hunt is also a great idea for keeping the kids busy while you unpack and settle in on the first day at your destination.

Image by: Stuffed Suitcase [SOURCE]

Now if you have kids who are LEGO addicts like mine then I know they will be head over heels for this idea. These Road Trip LEGO Boxes by Housewife Eclectic are completely genius for all LEGO junkies. If they’re looking for some ideas for what to create while on the go remind them they can do anything, including self portraits! These, like most of the ideas above, are great for anywhere your vacation will take you!

Have you ever heard of a busy bag?? These little creations are a cheap idea that you can create for a bunch of different reasons. Filled with an activity or task inside each different bag they are compact, creative and lots of fun to play and create. So we wanted to make sure you had a great collection of them with these 10 Easy Busy Bag ideas by Powerful Mothering you can copy for your next family trip.

For older kids you might need to create a wider variety of things to do. Creating a whole binder filled with activities can be a complete life saver but when you also make that book reusable it is pure mom bliss. That is why when I found this Free Printable Road Trip Book by U Create I was tickled pink. Laminating these great activity sheets makes it possible for your kids to use Dry erase markers again creating reusable booklet of fun! With sheets of tic tac toe, hangman and even mazes it is hours of entertainment.

With all these ideas we hope that you will have a little more peace and quiet on your next family trip! Tell us, how do you entertain the kids on long trips??

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