Tween Style: Athleisure from Sport Chek

Tween Style

Today was our first day of the school year! Well, to be fair, it wasn’t really a day – the kids only go for an hour here on the first day. Don’t ask me why, but their first full day is tomorrow!

Having three girls means I have to keep up with clothing and fashion trends at all ages, or rather, what is appropriate wear for all school girl ages in addition to what is trendy for their age. For my tween, we hit up Sport Chek this year for all the athleisure duds she was hoping for, including the popular Adidas Superstars (runners).

I would like to think I have kept my girls in fashionable, functional and on-trend clothing over the years.

The tween years are a bit more complicated as the girls still want to fit in and yet have their own style PLUS you need to make sure they’re age appropriate, not aging themselves older than they are, AND allowed to wear what they want to class.


Athleisure is a funny term coined a few years ago when runners made their debut on the runway during fashion week everywhere prominently as everyday wear. Fashion brands were creating lines of clothing for grown women around spandex, work out wear and platform workout shoes meant to be worn anywhere, not just to the gym.

This look, or trend, is BIG with tween girls right now. They want to be functional, comfortable and still cute.

Sweat pants. Superstars. Hoodies. Leggings. These are the trends of the older elementary, middle school and young high school girls right now.

I like it. It means my girl is wearing what she feels great in, can run in at recess, fits in with her friends, and is age-appropriate ALL. AT. ONCE.

These were our back to school finds for my Grade 7 girl at Sport Chek! I love that it can be all purchased in one place. Shoes, cute clothing and socks and accessories too.

You can also order online, their website has the largest assortment of all, with over 35,000 styles. Order placed online can be picked up in-store or ship to your home and shipping is free with purchases over $99. Check out their footwear selection (perfect athletic shoes for all activities), and they guarantee 30 styles in any size.

*Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Sport Chek for this post and have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own (and in some cases my daughter’s!).

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