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As a busy mom with toddlers, I prefer online shopping, it’s convenient and I don’t have to drag the little ones to a store for hours and haul my purchases back home. Traditionally, people may think it’s difficult to buy furniture or household items online…well guess again. Wholesale Furniture Brokers makes buying home furniture and needs quite simple, remarkably affordable, and free shipping!

Carrying Canadian products, high quality items, and keeping prices low is what this online wholesale furniture shop is about. Customer service and making things as easy as possible is important, hence why they have a simplified return/exchange process as well. I had the chance to review the ordering process, as well as some items that moms would love and/or need.


Here is my review of Wholesale Furniture Brokers: Buy Smart, Buy Wholesale!


Ordering Process
The entire process was no more than four simple steps: select product to add to cart, review cart, enter shipping information and payment, and your confirmation. I loved that I didn’t have to spend a tonne of time going through various pages. Free shipping is auto-selected (yay!), but you have the option to select others for faster turn-around. I got immediate responses from customer service notifying that my order was being processed, and consistent updates along the way, and even received the product 2 days earlier (I even got an email saying my order would be delivered that day). I don’t think a better online experience could be designed, especially when you don’t have a lot of time.




Nordic Standard Gel Foam Pillow by Rest Therapy
A mama who wants to sleep well would love this pillow. The Nordic gel foam pillow features two-sides, one side has a cool gel, and the other warmer to the touch (perfect for my family, who get hot in the middle of the night).  It’s made of high-tech fabric and extremely durable and comfortable. The great thing about this pillow is the foam itself. It isn’t one of those where it retains your imprint so that it gets uncomfortable later. No. This pillow retracts as you do. My son calls it the “nice” pillow and we have all had to take turns using it. Honestly and truly a fantastic place to rest your head and get all the comfort a tired mom needs for her head and neck.

The high-tech fabric on the pillow allows for warmth on one side and cooling on the other.

Caiden enjoying the comfort of the Nordic gel foam pillow


Novo Shield Mattress Protector by NovoPure
I have always used a mattress protector, but this one takes the cake. The NOVOshield Mattress
Protector is terry cloth on the surface, but has a thicker, high-quality, backing that is waterproof, allergen-proof, as well as dust mite-proof. My son is potty training, so I was anxious to try this. I poured a glass of water, directly on top of the sheet, and let it soak…my mattress remained dry as day. The sheet is also comfortable and super durable, I had no problems with it in the washer, whereas my other ones are much thinner and seem flimsy. I can tell this protector sheet will last a long time. This is must for any moms with toddlers that climb into their bed. I love it.

Terry cloth on top, durable and thick material on bottom


So mamas, if you are timid to try online shopping for your household needs, don’t be. It’s probably easier than going into the store, and Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ free shipping and prices are pretty tough to beat.

Visit them online at www.gowfb.ca or on Facebook or Twitter.

Buy Smart. Buy Wholesale!


This is a sponsored/paid post by Wholesale Furniture Brokers. All opinions, however, are my own.

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