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My Experience

My daughter’s school hosted a Zumba® Masterclass Fundraiser with Inspire Me Fitness last Spring. I consider myself to be “rhythmically challenged” and was very self-conscience about participating as I had never done Zumba® before. Denise and Candyce, the owners, stressed the importance of having fun more than keeping up with all the steps as a beginner. The classes are for participants 19+ and older as the classes are held in a bar which makes the space very open and had an excellent sound system. The class was dark and loud which definitely helped me get out of my head and much more fun to participate in. The class was run by Denise, who did the moves in various ways so that a beginner like me had somewhere to start. The moves weren’t hard to follow but the timing takes a bit to catch on. The music was a nice mix of latin, hip-hop and pop which helped me get lost in the song more so than focusing on trying to stay in rhythm. The class was an hour and a half long, but did not feel like it until the next morning when I was sore in places I didn’t realize I had muscles. As local business Mama’s I decided to ask more about their business.

With all the different fitness classes, why Zumba®?

Zumba® is where we both experienced our fitness success and had the happiest time doing so. It really is exercise in disguise, burning 700-1000 calories on average in just one hour. Zumba® is more than physical it releases those happy endorphins which helps with mental health as well.

What is the best part of owing your own business?

Community is the best part of this business. We have had an amazing time getting to know people throughout the business community as well as participants coming to the class. We are able to give back in a way we had wished we could for a long time. The support that is shown not only in classes but with members of Mission, BC is amazing. We have been blessed to see how our participants that come to class embrace each other and help each other. They have also become involved with our fundraisers and are getting out in the community in a way they may not have before.

What does the future of your business look like?

We would like to grow into having our own space. We would like to include more age groups within our classes. We want to continue doing fundraisers, participating in community events in a bigger way.  The idea for this business was a way for it to sustain itself while giving back to those that need it. We love where we are and it is important to us to be able to give back.

Inspire me Fitness

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Top 5 favorites songs for class?

Lean like a Cholo by Down AKA Kilo
Havana by Camila Cavello
Muevelo Loca (Boom Boom by Pit Bull)
Chiki (DJ Mam’s)
Esa Negrita

Advice for beginners?

Go into any new healthy routine with a plan that is realistic to follow.  Share your plan with people you trust and can lean on for support, maybe even have them join you. Don’t be hard on yourself for a bad day, everyone has them that is how we build our strengths. Find what workout routine that makes you happiest one that you can stick with.

Things to bring to an Inspire Me Fitness class?

Water bottle, Yoga mat (except for Zumba®) and a towel. Of course your smile.



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