5 Canadian Dog Food Companies You Need To Know About

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Finding the right dog food for your pet can be a huge challenge. With so many brands out there it’s hard to know which ones have the best ingredients that will suit you and your pet. So, we have shared our top 5 Canadian dog food companies with you here. We hope it helps!

*Disclosure: I did receive some complimentary products in exchange for this post. As always all my opinions are my own*

1. Acana


dog food

Photo credit: Acana Facebook Page

Acana has been our go-to food for our 12-year-old pug. We love that it’s made in Western Canada, full of high-quality local ingredients, and comes in a wide variety of blends. Acana is also a grain-free pet food so be aware of that when purchasing. We only recently tried out their freeze-dried treats for training our new puppy and she loved them! Bonus, that they only contain 3 ingredients!


2. Boreal



dog food

Photo Credit: Boreal Pet Food Facebook Page

Boreal has been around for 30 years and been a staple of many pet owners. Which isn’t surprising at all considering the amazing ingredients that go into their pet foods. Using primarily Canadian ingredients Boreal helps you control protein and carbs to keep the weight of your pet down while keeping energy levels where they should be. We were very excited to receive a bag of food from them and can’t wait to incorporate it into our pup’s diet once she is a bit older. They have a puppy formulated food coming out very soon though!


3.  Farm Fresh Foods

dog food

Photo Credit: Farm Fresh Foods Website

This Alberta based company is doing cooked dog food the right way. Fresh farms cooked food is a perfect option for pet owners who want to feed their dog a high quality, fresh diet without eating raw. We had the privilege of trying their dog treats and I am completely blown away. They smell good enough that I would eat them and that’s because they are made with human-grade ingredients! These are hands down my dog’s favorite treats they have ever tried and I will 100% be purchasing more when we run out.


4. Northern Biscuit

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What dog doesn’t love a crunchy biscuit!? Northern Biscuit was started back in 1992 by Nick and Patricia Grillo thanks to their picky pup Tasha. Since then they have come out with 18 amazing recipes and a whole lot of other fabulous products as well. Their mini mix bags are perfect for new puppies as they are small in size ( perfect for training) and you get two flavors in one bag. With very few fresh locally sourced ingredients you know you are feeding your dog the best of the best. We also love that their products come in a biodegradable bag.


5. Big Country Raw

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Photo Credit: Big Country Raw Website

A raw food diet is something that has certainly crossed my mind. Both kibble and raw diets have their pros and cons and is a choice very personal to each individual dog owner. One of the hurdles that come along with raw feeding is making sure the product you are giving your pet is safe to consume. Big Country Raw prides themselves on their food safety and their facility follows HACPP (a systematic preventive approach to food safety), GMP (Good Management Principles) and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


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