5 Summer Sensory Bins For Toddlers

One of the best things about Summer is that you can keep the mess from your kid’s activities outside. The best outdoor activity for toddlers, in my opinion, is sensory bins! The options are endless and provide your kids with fine and gross motor skills, cognitive growth, problem-solving skills, and more. While I love sensory bins I am often left with a big mess to clean up which is why the best time to take advantage of them is in the Summertime. I have put together a list of fun Summer sensory bins for your family to enjoy!


1. Ice Sensory Table From Busy Toddler


My kids are completely obsessed with ice. Anytime they hear the ice cube tray they come running and ask for a cup of it. So what is better than an ice sensory table!? Especially during the hot Summer months.


2. Pool Noodle Sensory Bin From Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


This bin combines both a fun craft and hours of fun for your kiddos! My son adores boats, cars, basically any type of vehicle so this one is right up his alley.


3. Birthday Cake Cloud Dough From I Can Teach My Child

This is the perfect example of a super fun sensory bin idea but one that is very messy! This recipe includes lotion for the birthday cake smell so if you are concerned about little ones eating it then I would omit it and slightly increase the oil.



4. Bubble Foam Bin From Busy Toddler

Who doesn’t love bubbles!? I love that you can customize your colors and add in any toys and even kitchen utensils like measuring cups and spatulas would be fun!


5. Frozen Water Beads Bin from Busy Toddler

Water beads are super popular right now for sensory bins and a great way to beat the heat in the summer is to freeze them! As they play the beads will thaw which adds to the experience. I would add in some ocean-themed toys!




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