9 Great Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Options Everyone Will Love

Christmas dinner

Not everyone enjoys a ham, turkey or goose for Christmas dinner – some people enjoy a meat-free life. So to prepare for some of those guests, or for yourself this year we wanted to give you a list of great options that go beyond just side dishes.

Loaded-Up Vegan Pot Pies with Spelt Crust from The Mostly Vegan
The holidays are all about amazing comfort food and family all cozy together. Nothing says that better than a great pot pie and this one from the mostly vegan is incredible. It is just as creamy and luscious as any meat version out there so make sure to have extras on hand for any of your jealous meat eating friends!

Sweet & Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash from Vegan Huggs
Sweet and savory is what the holidays are all about when it comes to the food. Turkey is paired with cranberry sauce and hams are paired with apple sauce or pineapples and cherries. This is exactly all those amazing things but meatless. This beautifully stuffed sweet and savory acorn squash is a brilliant idea for you or any other meat free guests! It is even a wonderful side dish option for your bigger Christmas dinner parties this year, making sure to have options for everyone who might be coming, it’s even gluten free.  

Leek & Mushroom Couscous stuffed Squash from I Love Vegan
This is a great idea if you aren’t exactly fans of the sweet and savoury mix. This is all kinds of decadent and definitely Christmas filling. This is a great way to wow your guests and have them asking you on repeat exactly how you made this creation. It is a scrumptious addition or main dish to your Christmas dinner this holiday season.

Ricotta & Spinach Calzones from Kitschen Cat
Now if you know your vegetarian guests, or yourself, want something super filling and totally indulgent then this calzone recipe is exactly what you need. This heavenly mixture will have you hoovering it down and the best part is you can definitely make these party sized for everyone to enjoy as an appetizer if you want to go that route as well. They are very adaptable and perfect for parties or as a main dish.

Cranberry Brie Bites from Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary
Want to impress your vegetarian friends with a brilliant appetizer before dinner? These Cranberry Brie Bites are one of the most delicious nibbles you could create for any party coming your way this year. If you want to blow your guests out of the water with little to no effort this is the best creamy sweet treat out there.

Vegan Mushroom Wellington from Delicious Everyday
Now if you want to celebrate in full vegan fashion this Christmas and you want to really impress everyone then this Vegan Mushroom Wellington is your ticket. This amazing piece of work not only looks too impressive to eat but it tastes incredible. It isn’t even terribly hard to pull off and making two will ensure you have enough for everyone to have seconds, which will happen. The best part about this recipe is being able to master a vegan puff pastry. Something you can learn and apply to many future meal creations of your own.

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells from Sussle
There is nothing better than food stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta and these will have all your vegetarian guests drooling. These are a great dish that you can prepare in advance making your evening of cooking for guests a little easier. Being able to not have to cook everything from scratch the day off is always a wonderful thing. Afterall you want to enjoy your guests too not just the oven.

Festive Butternut Roast from The Veg Space
Lastly this is our last show stopper of a choice for all the amazing vegans in your life. This festive butternut roast is not only gorgeous but completely delicious. It is a brilliant way to show off for everyone that has come over to your Christmas dinner. Filled with so many delicious fillers that just scream Christmas time and all things holiday. This is also great if you want something decadent but not super filling. This is a great way to go to bed on Christmas without feeling like you are about to explode – even if you have had seconds.

Armed with these vegan and vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas you will blow everyone out of the water while still making everyone feel very welcome. That is what the holidays is all about.

What will you be serving up for Christmas Dinner?

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