Cadillac XT6 The New kid (3-row SUV) on the block

Cadillac XT6 3-row SUV

The luxury domestic SUV that sits squarely in between the compact XT5 and the gargantuan Escalade known for its celebrity luxe following, the XT6 can handle all the bling the Escalade brings but more compact, streamlined design (and most definitely) easier to park than the Escalade.


The XT6 is an all-new model for Cadillac in 2020, bringing the perfect-sized family luxury mobility queen.



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I would say this drives a lot more like a car than the Escalade would, however. I used to own a Yukon XL which is the same size as an Escalade and this felt so much easier to handle, both driving and parking, than the Escalade would.


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What makes this a step up from a GMC or a Chevrolet with 3-rows?

Cadillac XT6 3-row SUV

That Cadillac badge instantly elevates the game with any SUV with that recognizable and modern front grille and bold LED head & fog lamps.


Styling touches and interior technology are all just slightly more elevated and premium when compared to a GMC or Chevrolet of the same size. I’m talking about fully leather, soft surfaces, Alcantara roof headlining, carbon fiber inlays, heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats, and even Amazon Alexa. Of course, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available too.


The amount of cargo space behind the third row isn’t much, but that is completely normal for this segment. If you need a full-time third row, you may prefer a minivan or move up to the Escalade. We had to use the second-row bench for all three of my daughters for our road trip, as we had enough luggage with us that we needed the entire 43.1 cubic feet of space behind that second row. The second and third-row seats can be folded with the touch of a button from the rear, which is such a convenient touch.


How does it drive?

Cadillac XT6 3-row SUV


The XT6 has four drive modes: Touring, AWD, Sport, and Off-Road drive modes. I liked touring for highway driving when all-wheel driving is not necessary and you can switch to 2WD. This saves fuel!


A 3.6L V6 9-speed automatic puts out 310 Horsepower and 271 lb-feet of torque. This is plenty of power for this sized family car.


It is stated to get 11L/100 KM but I got 14 L/ 100 KM over the week including our road trip over to Vancouver Island.


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Safety is top-of-the-line

Cadillac XT6 3-row SUV

You know me, I’m all about the advanced safety features and driver assistance technology. What does the XT6 come equipped with when outfitted as my test model:

Adaptive cruise control
360 rear camera with washer
Teen driver system
Emergency braking
Active parking assist
Blind-spot monitoring and warning


Options and Price Points

Cadillac XT6 3-row SUV

The XT6 starts at just under $64,000 and the model as tested – Sport – with the Technology, and Premium packages, you’re looking at about $79,000.


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My YouTube review of the XT6:





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