Essential Series Event: Healthy Foods First, Feb 23

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Modern Mama is looking forward to hosting local authors and experts in baby nutrition next Thursday, Feb 23 for our Essential Series Seminar on Healthy Foods First for baby.

Introducing foods to your baby can be an overwhelming experience – I was always worried about allergies, choking, and if my son was getting too much or too little of something. And of course there’s the issue of trying to avoid “picky eater” syndrome.

Chantel is a nurse and Ali is a dietician and they were unhappy with the information being provided to the public on baby nutrition, so they did something about it and wrote Good Food Baby and Good Food Toddler. At our seminar, Chantel and Ali will discuss the latest recommendations on Vitamin D and Iron, and open up the floor to everything related to baby feeding. It’s a great chance to speak with experts in this field in a relaxed setting.

New pricing in effect for our Essential Series too! $20 for members and $25 for non-members (a $10 savings).

More details about our seminar and speakers are below. REGISTER TODAY.

Essential Series: Healthy Foods First
Thursday, Feb 23, 10:15am-noon
Cactus Club, 1530 W. Broadway (near Granville)


Our Essential Series is a collection of breakfast events for new moms. We cover many topics, all with expert speakers to provide the most up-to-date and relevant content for moms. Each event will be held with a light breakfast and nannies are available so that you can bring toddler along and still enjoy your morning for mama.

This event is on baby and toddler nutrition. Authors of Good Food Baby and Good Food Toddler, Ali J. Chernoff  and Chantel Canessa will cover general baby nutrition and give you the most up to date recommendations on vitamin D and iron. And, we’ll save lots of time for your questions on feeding babies and toddlers. Ali is a dietician and Chantel is nurse – both have an expert background on nutrition for your baby.

Good Food Baby and Good Food Toddler will be available at the event at a special price of $22 ($10 off). $1 from each book sale will go towards the BC Centre of Ability.

Mamas will be treated to refreshments and a light breakfast from the Cactus Club kitchen. The restaurant is closed in the mornings, but they’re opening their doors just for us!

About the Books:

Good Food Baby – event promo price $22 (reg. $32)
We have found that new mothers and fathers have frequent questions  on how to feed their babies. As a result, we have created Good Food Baby book for parents, which simplifies some basic tips on the following: breastfeeding, formula 101, how to introduce solids, how to make baby food, how to read a food label and how to deal with   food allergies. This book also has a chapter towards babies with down syndrome. Therefore, we are giving back to the community; a dollar of each book sold will be donated to the BC Centre of Ability. This is an ideal book for new parents and it makes a great  baby gift.

Good Food Toddler – event promo price $22 (reg $28)
Good Food Toddler features healthy recipes, great ideas for menu planning, snacks and dining out options. It also offers tips on many common situations, such as dealing with picky eaters or planning a party for tots with food allergies. Provided by two healthcare professionals, this book is an ideal guide for parents to teach their toddlers appropriate portion sizes and more.

Topics covered in Good Food Toddler include:
Feeding stages
Feeding tips for the transition ages from baby to toddler
Proper portion sizes
Vitamin D
Tips for coping with a picky eater
Constipation tips
Food allergies
Celiac disease
Menu planning + recipes
Food safety tips
How to read food labels
How to plan a party + recipes
Dining out tips
Travelling tips

Speaker Bios:
Ali J. Chernoff is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition consultant who is one of the 11% of BC Dietitians operating a private practice.

Since 1993, Ali has been involved in numerous activities related to the field of nutrition, including dietitian services at many schools and sporting events and family counseling. She currently offers food tours that focus on shopping for families, diabetes education, and food label interpretation.

She has been showcased in a variety of media formats including: CTV news, Breakfast Television, Chowtime, First Talk and the Shopping Bags, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, the Vancouver Sun, the Province, Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Courier, as well as News 1130, the Rutherford Show, and Evolution 107.9.

In the fall of 2009, Ali became an Aunt. She helped her brother and sister-in-law develop a meal plan while she was pregnant and gave them tips for making baby food. They are now comfortable preparing meals for their son. Ali is confident her nephew will develop healthy eating habits that he will carry into adulthood.

Chantel Canessa has her Masters in Nursing and is involved with community programs that help improve the health and well being of individuals. She predominately works with children and is aware of the battles parents face trying to get their children to eat healthfully. Healthy eating and its benefits to one’s long term health is what she focuses on for her clients.

Homemade healthy nutritious foods were plentiful in the household in which she grew up and are still what one finds in her kitchen today. She believes healthy eating for children starts in their home environment and that they learn by example.

Now that she is a new parent, it is very important to her to build a healthy foundation by providing nutritious homemade meals and snacks for her family.

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