HelloFresh Canada Review



Why HelloFresh?

As a culinary arts trained chef, and a self-proclaimed “foodie” I was thrilled to find out HelloFresh was now in Alberta, Canada! HelloFresh is a meal delivery program that has fresh healthy meals delivered right to your door, ready for you to prepare. Now as a mother of two, I found cooking dinner even more of a challenge than ever before, and thought to myself; there must be an easier way. Recently I reached out to HelloFresh to give their ” Family Plan” a try and I was not disappointed.

The product arrived at my front door in a huge insulated box, and by the way, shipping is always free, which is fabulous!  I loved the way everything was perfectly organized and packaged, making my life so much easier when it was time to make dinner. Each entree has its own separate box with all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal ( minus salt, pepper, and cooking oil). All the proteins for the recipes were at the bottom of the box, on top of the ice packs to ensure they were kept at the optimal temperature.

The Recipes

The first meal I prepared was the gremolata-crusted cod, the box had a sticker that proclaimed ” make me first!”  I’m assuming this was because it was fresh fish. Although the fish was still frozen, once dinner time rolled around it seemed defrosted enough from being in the fridge that I figured it was okay to make that night. The recipe was very simple to follow and all the ingredients were pre-measured for convenience, which was great! But the fish took much longer to cook than it stated in the recipe, I believe this was because it wasn’t totally defrosted.  Unfortunately, this caused me to over-cook the cod, which was a huge disappointment, but I did still enjoy the flavors from the crust, as well as the mediterranean vegetables.


Next up was Smoky Sloppy Joes, which I knew would be a big hit with my little ones and I was right! Again very easy to prepare with minimal chopping needed. I quickly discovered that despite me receiving all the ingredients just two days prior that my spring mix had gone bad. Luckily I had some romaine in the fridge and quickly chopped and washed that up in its place. All in all, it was a good meal, my husband and I found it a little bland for our taste, but it is the “family plan” so of course, they had to make it kid friendly. My two little ones loved the sloppy joes, but they passed on the salad.Cilantro is an acquired taste after all.

Last, but certainly not least was my favorite meal, glazed teriyaki chicken with coconut rice. This was everyone else’s favorite as well, even though this recipe had more prep work than the others, it was well worth it.  It was still an easy recipe to make and the great thing about these recipes is that they are ready to eat in 30 minutes, which was exactly what I was looking for! I’m very lucky to have kids that will eat pretty much everything, including the bok coy in this recipe. I loved every single item in this recipe, I even saved it to make this week, but with beef instead of chicken to change it up.

hellofresh chicken

Final Verdict

Even with the small hick-ups that I had with these meals, I would highly recommend HelloFresh to anyone looking to make dinner time just that much easier. HelloFresh was kind enough to give all our readers a great discount, use code ” Doyle50 “ to receive 50% your first box!

Happy Cooking!



Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in exchange for my honest review, as always all my thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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