Homeopathic Products for Baby’s First Year

Your baby’s first year of life is both endlessly rewarding and challenging and we as parents need all the support we can get. Between sleepless nights, colds, teething and everything in between all that we are always faced with new challenges. So we thought it would be great to help you get through baby’s first year with a little more ease and maybe even a little more sleep for you.

Gassy Babies

Nothing ruins your babies sleep like a gassy tummy and trying to find ways to help ease your baby’s discomfort can be a challenge when you are exhausted yourself. It is okay though, we have all been there and we have lots of great tips for helping to soothe your baby. Of course you first want to check to see if the position you are feeding your baby in is contributing to their gas development, changing positions and testing to see what works best for your baby is key. To ease gas that is already present you have a few simple options to help. My favorite choice was always “the bicycle”: placing baby on their back, singing them a funny song, and moving their chubby little legs as if they were pedaling a bike. This can really help get that gas moving and paired with some great belly rubs, you will hopefully create some relief for your little one. Trying a trusted homeopathic remedy like Cocyntal® is a great additional way to ensure your baby is getting the relief they need and can even be great a option for those babies out there suffering with colic.

Baby's First Year Boiron

Teething Babies

Nothing can take down a families plans better than a teething baby. It is so painful and uncomfortable for our little ones it is completely understandable that they would be that miserable. But there are ways to help make your little one a little less uncomfortable. Gum rubs are a great way to help your baby, using a cold baby cloth on over your finger, or even one of the many great rubber finger covers out there can help soothe their screaming gums. Of course there are other great helpers out there like Camilia® that is specially made for teething babies 1-30 months old. Ultimately, when it comes to your baby’s discomfort in terms of teething you, as a parent, can be the best medicine.

Sick Babies

We can hope and pray that our new babes don’t get sick within their first year on this planet, but sadly they may end up getting a cold. Baby's First YearThis can be so scary for both mom and baby, not to mention exhausting to the fullest extent. Using “boogie busters”, humidifiers at night and of course extra snuggles sometimes just isn’t enough to keep them content enough to rest and recover. Medicine may be the only way to go but they can be concerning when you are a parent and your child is under a year old. That is where homeopathic medicines like Coryzalia®, Stodal® Honey, and Stodal® Multi-Symptom. All of which are great for relieving a number of symptoms from 1 month all the way to 11 years old. A great product to rely on as your family grows.

Grumpy Babies

Having a baby who doesn’t sleep can be the most difficult thing for everyone in the family. It makes your patience diminish so everyone in the house suffers as you barely get the minimum done each day. That is why establishing a sleep routine is so important for you and your babe. Creating a bedtime routine that works for your family is essential to feeling content in your day. You need more sleep and so does your baby so doing things like reading to them as you rock them to sleep, having a noise machine, or taking a soothing lavender bath can be a huge help. But when those things don’t work and your little one is still having trouble sleeping asking your doctor about Quietude® might be an idea. This can help with nightmares, restlessness and irritability for kids 6 months to 11 years. It might be just what you need to help your little one get the sleep they need and you need.

There is so much going on in the first year of your baby’s life and we hope that these homeopathic products will be there to help you enjoy it even more. With a little help from Boiron Canada, a little love from mom, support from family, you and your baby will have a beautiful first year together.

What kinds of things helped you the most in your baby’s first year of life?

**Sponsored by Boiron Canada, all opinions expressed are genuine. Consult with your doctor prior to medication changes** 

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