Hot Find Friday: Lorna Jane Activewear from Believe Fit

I admit it, I am one of those moms. The one who almost always refuses to wear anything but leggings or “activewear”. As a stay at home/work at home mom activewear is pretty much my uniform. Not because I am always working out, though sometimes I am, but because it suits my lifestyle right now. I need comfy clothes that breathe, stay where they are supposed to and don’t fall apart 2 wears in, because no mama has time for that noise.

Since I am kind of an expert in wearing activewear (trust me I have a closet full of it), I have been testing some Lorna Jane items from a local Believe Fit store and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

  • The fit is incredible! I tried the Lorna Jane Booty Support 3/4 tight and it not only supports the booty, but the mommy tummy too. There is nothing worse than pants rolling down when you are carrying a child in public. These pants stayed where they were supposed to with out me adjusting constantly. I really appreciated the compression fit as I felt “held in”, if you know what I mean;) There are panels with tight woven mesh right where I, and most women want it, the bum and tummy. The mosquitos that were attacking me outside during one of my workouts couldn’t bite through them either!
  • They breathe! I have done quite a few workouts in these pants and I am cool as a cucumber. This is good because I also refuse to wear shorts while exercising, I know, I’m picky! I think the “breathability” can be attributed to the materials and the mesh liner that is strategically placed in certain areas.
  • They will last! The quality of these pants are impressive. I wanted to really test them so I wore them to a local ‘Obstacle Course Run’ event. I was scared to wear my pretty new Lorna Janes’ through 6 kms of mud, rain, barbwire, wall climbing, log jumping, etc! Not a problem. I sprayed them down with the garden hose and washed them as per usual and they were good as new. I have washed them at least 7 times (as per the instructions) and there is no pilling or fading.
The stylish outfit I tested

The stylish outfit I tested

  • You can wear them with everything! These tights have a logo just at the top, so you can wear them as “regular” pants under a tunic and not get busted for wearing your workout gear. Busy mom win!
  • The colours! While Lorna Jane mainly keeps the bottoms a little more basic with darker colours and designs, the real style comes in with their tops. I tried the Jenna Mesh Excel Tank in a gorgeous purple colour with a cool cut out design on the back. The tanks and t-shirts make it easy to mix and match with you favourite pants.
  • The sizing- I felt that the pants fit true to size and the shirt was a little snug. I would probably consider going up a size depending on the style of the top.
  • Missing? The only thing that I felt was missing with the outfit I tried was a little hidden pocket inside the pants so that I could tuck a key in them when needed.
Completing a 6KM obstacle course run in my Lorna Jane tights!

Completing a 6KM obstacle course run in my Lorna Jane tights!

Believe Fit stores are all over Alberta, there are 4 in the Edmonton area: St. Albert, Sherwood Park, South Edmonton and Leduc. If you have not been to one yet, check it out. The stores are really welcoming and well designed and it’s the exclusive retailer of the Lorna Jane brand. Also, if you are a Modern Mama Member all you have to do is show your member card and you get 10% off your purchase!



Happy Shopping! XO,


*I received a complimentary outfit from Believe Fit for the purposes of testing and completing this review, as I will not review about something I have never tried or used. As always, opinions stated in this article are my own.

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