How Does He Do It?… with David Smart

David Smart and his family

Twice a month we interview Dads in our “How Does He Do It?” feature. If interested in participating please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

David Smart with his kids

We are excited to introduce you to Dave Smart.

Are you an urban or suburban dad, where do you live?

I am a suburban dad, living in Surrey BC.

Tell us about your children?

Cheryl and I have three awesome children together. Two boys and one girl, ages 6, 5 and 2. They’re my world !!!

Tell us about your typical weekday?

I wake up at 5am to get ready for work. I come home In the afternoon and spend as much time with my kids before I head out again for work. When I get home, which is before kids’ bedtime, we will usually play with LEGO, draw or play together. Every night, I read them a story and tuck them in. Those days I am not working both jobs, I take our kids snowboarding, ATV and bike rides, to parks and pools, soccer practices and also work on our YouTube channel. I have taught the kids how to build rides such as low rider wagons, trikes and even a mini motorcycle. We have a YouTube channel: ExtremeKids Brody N Elvis Toys Review. It includes the kids building their rides while I film them. Also, when time allows me, I’ll cook for my family !!! They love my spaghetti and BBQ chicken !!!

David Smart and his family

Do you have help?

My incredible wife Cheryl !!! My parents and my mother in law are great help too !! We cannot do it without our mothers !!! They are our biggest cheerleaders.

Who cooks dinner?

My wife and I equally.

How often do you have date nights?

We include the kids in all our dates. We have random date nights, just my wife and I.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to purchase for your children?

We love comfortable clothing which are stylish and fun. We shop at winners, children’s place, the bay, old navy, H&M, Roots, & sports stores. The kids love their adidas and DC !!! We shop online as well supporting local business and fun clothing lines !! Also, we donate our unused or gently used clothing to my wife’s family Missions and foundation in the Philippines, which helps and supports families with little to nothing, as well as gifts to the churches missionary projects. My late grandmother in law built churches & spreads love since she was young. Her legacy continues at The Eusebia Foundation. All donations are welcome there. Love only creates more love.

David Smart and his family

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit in it?

My mini gym is in the playroom so while the kids play and chat, I can fit in a work out without missing a thing. We also do a lot of outdoor play which includes bikes and running. We eat pretty well too with the occasional gummy bear here and there . Lol.

What is your favourite Christmas/Hanukkah gift that you have received as an adult?

All of my kids’ art.

What are you currently watching?

My daughter’s show called Cocomelon. My daughter is 2 years old. Nursery rhymes are a big hit in our house. It’s definitely home sweet home.

Thanks to David Smart for letting us know “How He Does It.”


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