How Does He Do It?…with Donnie Brown

Dad and daughter on bench

Twice a month we interview dads in our “How Does He Do It?” feature. If you want to participate please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

We are excited to introduce you to Donnie Brown. He is the dad behind theDadfluence. He is a husband and father to one daughter.

Are you an urban or suburban dad, where do you live?

Los Angeles, California.

Tell us about your children?

I have a 5 year old daughter who is very outgoing and always singing.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

I am a firefighter so when I’m at work I am on shifts schedule, when I am off I am in full family mode, bonding, homework, early morning school drop off and helping my wife with things he needs help with around the house! 

Do you have help?

Yes, my wife and I split house chores 50/50, when it comes to parenting my wife does have a heavier load because as a fire fighter my schedule calls for me to be away a lot more then I’d like, but I love my job.

Who cooks dinner?

We make dinner together, I cook the meats and my wife does the rest. 

How often do you have date nights?

Honestly, not enough. We live far away from family, but my Brother-in-law just moved closer so that is about to change.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to purchase for your children?

Target, Oshkosh and a TON of small shops that my wife loves. 

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit in it?

YES!! I do body building. We turned our garage into a gym! My job calls for me to by physically fit as well so fitness is just a lifestyle for me.

What is your favourite Christmas/Hanukkah gift that you have received as an adult?

Being home for a holiday is so far the best gift. 

What are you currently watching?

Jessie, with my daughter on Disney channel.


Thank you to Donnie for taking the time out of his day to let us know “How Does He Do It.”

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