How To Recover Quality Time As A Couple

quality time

The rush of everyday life – work, studies, the challenges of raising children, household chores, and even excessive use of technology – can be exhausting for any relationship. According to a survey carried out by the University of Virginia, in the United States, partners who find time to hang out alone, at least once a week, are happier and more sexually satisfied than those who are unable to dedicate exclusive time to the relationship to reconnect.


How to do that though? Here are some ideas to get you started.


1-Lunch Together

At first, many couples, especially those with children, may struggle to have meals where they can talk more intimately. A good way to resolve this conflict is to set a day of the week for lunch. On the agenda? Yes, Why not? Important commitments are part of our daily/weekly schedule and can make a big difference in the quality of your relationship. If it is not possible to have lunch, the couple can adapt and find another time to have a meal together (or even a simple coffee).


2-Share Household Chores

quality time

We know that household chores take up space in any couple’s life. What about transforming these activities (supermarket, cleaning, housekeeping, etc.) into something more fun and pleasurable to do together? This way, each one can be responsible for a part of the chores
and it can become a great time to chat and learn new skills. For instance, you could cook a gourmet meal together, wine taste at home, bake together, tackle a DIY project, or plant a garden.


3-Prioritize Activities

It is often necessary to identify what is important and what can be left for later. Make a list and classify activities into important, urgent, and postponable, and share it with your partner.


4-Have a Support Network

quality time

For couples who have children, alone time can be a real challenge. Therefore, it is very important to have a support network, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends, who can take care of the children. No support network close by or available at that time? Not a problem! Use technology in your favor and check out apps like Sitly, which use geolocation to connect you to a wide range of sitters living in your area and make it easier to search for your ideal babysitter. Through the app, you can view and filter babysitters according to your preferences and also message or video chat with the ones who suit your needs the most.


5-Come Along

Accompanying your partner to an activity is a good way to spend more time together. Remember when you were dating and made an effort to be by each other’s side? So, even if you participate in some activity that you don’t like, remember that the ultimate goal here is to spend more time together.



Dance classes, singing, hiking, and cooking classes. Find an activity that interests you both. The novelty will be good for the relationship and increase the time you spend together.


7-Bed Time

quality time


It’s been a busy day and all you want is your bed? So, take the opportunity to be close to your partner, give and receive affection, and talk, even if it is for a few minutes. Touch triggers a series of reactions in the body. The brain releases endorphins, which gives the feeling of pleasure and well-being. Much more than sex, touch can be experienced as a demonstration of love and connection.

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