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Last fall, Kindermusik Discovery was voted Best Mom and Me Class by Winnipeg Moms, in our Mama’s Choice Awards.

If you know me, you know that I needed to find out why, so off we went to a 15 week Kindermusik program!

15 weeks is a long time for me to commit to, and I was extremely hesitant at first – not knowing how it would fit into my schedule with ease – but it was surprisingly easy peasy!

Every Saturday morning, we got ready and headed out the door early!

If I wasn’t able to, my hubby took him – and there were always other men in the group, so he never felt weird or out of place!

You can read all about the dad experience here.

My son always knew what this meant, because with being a work at home mom, we rarely leave the house in the morning, or get our of PJ’s before 10am, and he was ALWAYS excited!

His music teacher, Sandi, was so animated, fun, and interactive that the 45 minutes went by in no time and Parker always wanted more fun!


The variety of activity they did in each class – from instruments, to sounds, learning the difference between fast and slow – loud and quiet – up and down,  to popping bubbles on the floor and in their hair, all the way over to story time – the classes were filled with so much education and fun!

Overall, these classes are a must for every child!

Musically inclined or not – the interaction they will get with other children, and the lessons that they learn will be applied to so much of their everyday life!

I can say that they helped bring Parker out of his shell, and embrace other children around him!

And it was awesome to meet other parents, with similar interests to us!


Missed out on the Winter progams?!  That’s okay!! They have an AWESOME, FLEXIBLE, summer program!

It’s a unique, special package, where you can choose any 5 out of 8 classes in July and August, making it easy to fit around your travel and summer plans!

Each enrollment includes 45 minute lessons on your chosen dates, and some awesome take-home items so that you can continue in the fun at home!

For more information on their summer programming, please visit their Summer Time Page!

We loved Kindermusik, and we know you will too!

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