Meal Planning Made Easy with These Apps

meal planning

As a busy mom, sometimes finding the time to prepare and plan, let alone actually make all meals, can seem difficult, if not impossible. That’s where meal planning comes in.

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is a way to organize all the meal ideas. The purpose is to outline the meals per day for the week. Doing so takes the guess-work out of what to make each day. It also aids in developing the grocery list, listing items you will need for the week (vs. random selection).

So meal planning works two-fold. It helps to stay on track to preparing healthful meals, and also can be cost-effective in terms of honing in on what you need to buy each week.

Meal Planning Apps/Sites Make It Easy Peasy

For first-time meal planners, do not worry, there is help! Or if you find that meal planning itself takes too much time, there are tools already out there than can make it a breeze.

We have rounded up a few apps and sites that are pretty useful.

Meal Garden

Aimed at making healthy eating easier, you can sign up for $19.95 CAD for a full year. You will be sent easy recipes that are kid-friendly, all neatly organized into meal plans, directly to your mobile. You can choose from bundles or work with their experts to detail specifics and focus. You also get tips and articles from health experts such as nutritionists, pediatricians and fitness trainers. Learn more here.

My Menu Planner – Eat Right Ontario

This is a free service offered by the Registered Dietitians of Eat Right Ontario. They have a menu planner application on the website, which allows you to select pre-created menu plans, talk with dietitians or create your own personalized plan. Once you select your specific goals, you will be provided a week’s meal plan, with each day, meal and beverages laid out. You can substitute each idea by clicking on it and choosing an alternative. Once confirmed you can create your grocery list. To try this, click here.

Meal Planner Pro

This is a free service that allows you to create profiles per family member, add your own recipes and it will provide a meal planning solution. You can also create grocery lists and research products. Furthermore, you can download an app which aids in creating shopping lists, so you can take it to the store without having to jot anything down. You do need to create an account and login, so your information is remembered, and the site is created by registered dietitians. To find out more click here.


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