My Trusculpt Experience With The Injectionist


I am sure you can agree with me that with this crazy pandemic going on the past 18 months that a proper diet and regular exercise have been impossible to obtain. Gyms were closed for months and so many of us turned to food for comfort during these stressful times. So, I was in need of some assistance in slimming down for Summer. Thankfully, The Injectionist right here in Edmonton and Calgary offers an amazing service called Trusculpt and I am here to share my experience with you!



What is Trusculpt?

truSculpt 3D is a unique, non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that is optimized to sculpt problem areas for results with no visible downtime. The New Dimension In Body Sculpting with a multi-dimensional approach uses therapeutic heat to decrease circumference and reduce fat, delivering results in the shortest possible treatment time. They are able to treat a wide variety of places on your body including stomach, arms, flanks, chin, thighs, etc. You will typically see your final results after 12 weeks as it takes time for your body to remove the fat through your lymphatic system.


My Experience


Upon arrival at the YEG location, I was quickly brought back into the treatment room. I filled out the medical history form and we went over my answers and any concerns I had about the service I was receiving. I informed her that my area of concern was my stomach as I have had two pregnancies and things definitely did not look like they used to. After that, she mapped out where she would be treating and took measurements. Be warned they use a lot of gel for the treatment so I did have to remove my pants!


There were 4 different sections on my stomach she treated so it took 1 hour total. The handpiece she was using reminded me of what they use for an ultrasound but this tool uses monopolar radiofrequency instead. Your skin will heat up as the fat cells are destroyed but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I handled it well with no breaks. She glided it back and forth on the section using gel, at the end, my skin was a tiny bit red but it quickly dissipated by the time I got home.


After the treatment she let me know to avoid caffeine and alcohol that day as they cause dehydration and being as hydrated as possible was very important. Drinking 2 litres of water a day was recommended to help flush things out as well as a lymphatic massage at the 6-8 week mark which I did.



Shortly after 12 weeks post-treatment, I was back at their clinic to take measurements and photos to see my final results. While there was only 2mm drop on my lower stomach ( the hardest place to lose fat!) I was blown away by the 9mm drop on my upper stomach. You will see in the photos what a noticeable difference there is. I also lost 5lbs in between these photos which is fantastic!





This is a fabulous treatment for someone that is close to their ideal body shape but you have some stubborn fat that you are struggling to lose with diet and exercise.  You can expect a 24% decrease with up to 36% beating out those cooler treatments that are on the market right now.


Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and all of them need our support now more than ever. If you are looking to have any of these types of services done I highly recommend checking out their website here. You can also show them some love on social media so please give them a follow Instagram and Facebook.


Calgary Location

260A-3916 Macleod Trail SW




Edmonton Location

12068 104 Ave NW #201

Phone Number


BC location is coming!!


*Disclosure: I did receive this treatment in exchange for this blog post all my opinions are my own*

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