Nursery Must-Haves

I’m sure as soon as you found out you were pregnant you immediately searched Pinterest for nursery inspiration. Yes, having a magazine-worthy nursery is great. But besides having matching curtains and carpet, what do you really need in your nursery to make it functional and beautiful? Here’s our top rated items to make your life easier.

White noise machine

Babies come from a loud environment in the womb. They find white noise soothing and will typically sleep longer and better with a white noise machine. They also help drown out some of the noises happening outside the nursery.



Glider chair

Whether it’s a glider, rocking chair, or just a large overstuffed chair, a comfy spot to sit while feeding and putting baby to sleep is a necessity! Make sure it’s comfy – you’ll be spending a lot of time here.



Night light

Although you don’t want something bright enough to interfere with your little one’s sleep, you’ll need a little light in the room for late-night diaper changes and feedings.



Diaper pail

You don’t necessarily need the Diaper Genie, but some sort of container for your diapers is necessary. I will say though, the Diaper Genie keeps any kind of smell out of the room, and they just came out with these super cute designs to blend right into your nursery.



Changing pad

Unless you have the space and the cash, you don’t need to invest in an expensive change table. A simple change pad with a cute, removable cover on the dresser will function just as well.



Play mat

A tummy time mat or activity gym is an item that will be used from birth until after baby is mobile. They enjoy hanging out on the soft, coloured mat and will eventually start grabbing and pulling at the toys.




It’s pretty common for babies to suffer from congestion, and it especially gets worse at night. A humidifier works wonders for keeping their nasal passages clear so they can breathe and sleep easily.



Swing/bouncer/baby seat

You will need somewhere safe you can set your baby down, even for just a few minutes, while you do something. A swing can come in handy for nap times, but just a simple baby seat will also suffice so you can at least get something made for dinner.




Even young babies benefit from reading with their parents and will grow up to enjoy this time with you. Start their collection early and find a special way of displaying them.



Did I miss something that made your “must-have” list? Comment below!

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