The Perfect Date Night In

According to Netflix, staying in is the new Date Night and I couldn’t agree more!

Staying in is the New Date Night.  Six in ten (58%) respondents in a relationship say they prefer to stay in and watch Netflix for date night. Most (77%) say they watch Netflix together because they like spending time together without leaving the house, while seven in ten (68%)  say shows are more fun when watched together, and 58% enjoy having someone to talk with about the show – the ultimate bonding experience!   

netflix relations


As parents of three children under four my husband and I rarely find the time and energy to go out in the evening and when we do, we are usually home pretty early. So instead of going out, we usually have a little Date-Night-In once our kids have gone to bed.

Tips for a Perfect Date Night In

  • Put on real clothes (at least the good yoga pants) and do your hair.                                                                                       Confession: If I am wearing real clothes and have my hair done my husband and kids ask me where I am going or who is coming over. hehehe
  • Plan a special meal for just the two of you and enjoy it once your littles are tucked in their beds
  • Once your meal is complete you can curl up on the couch with your favorite snacks and enjoy a good movie together!

We love Netflix and the variety of movies that are available to us; usually I suggest a romantic movie and my husband suggests an action/thriller and ultimately we end up watch a comedy. But more importantly than the movie genre is the time spent together, watching “grown-up shows” ie. no cartoons with catchy theme songs.

Here are a Few Viewing Suggestions:

the proposal

The Proposal

knocked up

Knocked Up


P.S. I Love You

What is your favorite Date Night-In Movie?




**Disclaimer: I am a member a of the Netflix Stream Team but all opinions expressed above are my own.**

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