Potter’s House of Horrors is open until November 2nd

We were gifted passes to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

We had never been to the Potter’s House of Horrors (12530 72nd avenue, Surrey) before but had heard that it was super scary. My daughter and I are big fans of Halloween and horror movies but are complete babies when it comes to people jumping out at you or big jump scares. For this reason we opted to attend the Family Hour. This happens daily until November 2nd from 4:00-6:30-pm on weekdays and 12:00-6:30pm on weekdays. During this time there are not any live actors, animatronics and the music wasn’t as loud. We explored the Death Valley Motor Inn. I found it very Chainsaw Massacre meets Psycho with a 70’s vibe. The décor was awesome and was still scary enough for us without all the extra scary stuff that the evening show offers. We did get a bit lost in the experience. We thought that we had reached the end when we had reached the outdoor part with an animal in a box and walked back to the front of the house but we had missed an “emergency exit” that lead to the rest of the experience. The staff was really great and took us through again so that we would be able to experience the full Death Valley Inn.


The other experience that they offer is the Devil’s Descent. The house is described as a vortex of rotting wood, rickety mineshafts, punishing industrial machines, screeching monsters, gasping zombies and so much more. We opted to not experience this one this year as they lost my daughter when they had mentioned a cave with spiders vibe. If you are brave enough to enter during the ultra-scary show it runs daily until November 2nd from 7pm to 10pm most days and 7:30pm to 10:30pm o October 19th, 25th-27th.

They also offer a Lil Haunters experience that is free for 2 and under and supervising adults. This is a family friendly play area meant for young children. It features two small “haunted” houses and other fun activities. It is open from 12pm to 6:30pm on October 19th-20th and 26th-27th and from 4pm to 6:30pm on October 24th-25th and October 28th-31st.

Let me know on Facebook or Instagram which house you were brave enough to enter.

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