“Real Housewife of Vancouver” Mary Zilba partners with Lotus Activa Yoga Apparel


Philanthropist, recording artist, and former Real Housewives of Vancouver beauty, Mary Zilba, has partnered with Vancouver-based active wear company LOTUSACTIVA, to launch her first yoga wear collection.

“Yoga has become an important part of my life and I want to share the experience with everyone,” said Zilba, “the line is absolutely beautiful and all the pieces were designed by me.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Mary about the launch, her life as a mom, musician and entrepreneur:

How old are your three sons?

19, 18 and 16. My oldest is going to school in Santa Barbara, CA.

How do you manage all of your professional pursuits and motherhood?

Basically it’s organized chaos. It’s not as easy as I always thought it would be. I always wanted ‘it all’. It’s a balancing act, for sure. I want my kids to see me busy and want them to see me pursuing my own life’s goals. I think that’s a good environment for kids to see their parents doing things outside of the home. I think the hardest job in the world is being a mother, but now that my boys are a little older, it’s given me the opportunity to pursue my own dreams and aspirations.

Do you have help in the home?

I have a house cleaner once a week but that’s it. I put my different hats on every single day, the taxi driver hat, the cook hat, the mom hat, the cleaner hat, the cook hat and the entrepreneur hat.

How did the Lotus Activa partnership occur?

I was developing my own yoga line when I met Lisa [founder of Lotus Activa] at Fashion Week last year. She and I started talking about our interests and it turned into a match made in heaven.

Are you active in practicing yoga?

Yes, I took it up about four years ago. It was a New Years resolution to start doing yoga. I absolutely loved it. I do it about four times a week.  It’s one hour of the day I have to put my phone away, and concentrate on my energy and my body. It’s time for me to reflect inward and there is no outside commotion and it’s a peaceful time. For me it’s the state of mind that I get out of doing yoga.

Define your ‘me time’.

I like to get on my computer, I call it ‘squirrelling’ – I like to look up things and read. I look up news, entertainment, fashion, that’s kind of my me time, when I’ve got some me time. Then of course I like to go out with my friends & have a glass of wine.

What item can’t you leave home without right now?

My Buff Beauty [Mary’s own line of beauty products] lip gloss – Pure Illumination. I use it 25-30 times per day! I do not leave home without my Buff lip gloss.

What are a few things (name 3) in your purse right now?

Oh, let’s take a look.  OK, I’ve got my car keys, I just got a new car, I’ve got my keys. (Tesla) So awesome, I feel green, not going to the gas station. Some bills, Buff Beauty lip gloss, and my favourite blush – Stila Convertable Colour.

What is your go-to everyday outfit?

Jeans.  Yes, jeans, a cute top and a blazer.


What is your favourite brand of jeans?

J Brand.

What are your favourite shoes for summer?

Let’s see, I was just in Italy, I just bought some really awesome bling shoes. Everything in Italy right now is blingy.  I just bought some jeans with bling on them, I’ve got these flats with jewels on them, I’m kindof loving that girly jewely look right now.

Do you collect anything?

Art, paintings. I love to support Canadian local artists. I collect a LOT of product and makeup. Oh ya, and handbags. I think that’s my biggest downfall, is handbags. and Jeans, I buy jeans from every place on the planet.

Can we expect any new singles or albums from you?

Yes, I have a new album coming out soon, as well as a single for Anti-Bullying in collaboration with the Canadian Government.

Thank you Mary!

“We are extremely happy to have Mary as part of the LOTUSACTIVA family. This more than just a partnership for us,” said Lisa Palleson-Stallen CEO of LOTUSACTIVA, “she has designed a line where women can embrace their bodies and be comfortable with where they are at.”

Mary Zilba by LOTUSACTIVA will be online and in-store at LOTUSACTIVA Vancouver locations on South Granville and Lonsdale Ave.


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