Reflexology for Babies

Hello! My name is Lis Kunzi, company founder of Step Forward to Better Health. As a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) my goal is to provide you with a suite of gentle touch treatments aimed at increasing your energy, reducing your discomfort or pain, and helping you live a more dynamic life using reflexology. I am also a Certified Birth Doula CD (DONA). It was through my own journey as a mother that set me on this incredible path aimed at empowering women to make the birth of their children a positive one. Today’s feature is on the topic of baby reflexology, I hope you enjoy.

Practicing reflexology is my passion. It’s an ancient form of bodywork where gentle pressure and massage are applied to specific areas orreflex points in the ears, hands, and feet to stimulate nerve endings, helping to relieve pain and tension. These nerve endings are connected to our organs and glands in our body, so by stimulating them reflexology helps you re-balance and tone our systems. Beyond working to alleviate stress, reflexology is used to assuage many common ailments, from headaches to sinus congestion, from sore aching feet to sore throats, from insomnia to constipation, and beyond. There are so many wonderful ways this highly sought after non-evasive therapy contributes to our overall well-being and quality of life.

If reflexology works so well to soothe an adult’s discomfort, why not adapt these techniques to calm babies? I do! It’s not surprising that infants often become cranky and cry. They may be experiencing sleepless nights because they have colic pain, have a cold or cough, or have intestinal gas. Infants frequently become constipated, develop a fever, get diarrhea, and have sore gums when teething. Baby reflexology is especially designed with their tiny anatomy in mind. Using gentle finger tip and thumb pressure to a baby’s feet and hands, baby reflexology stimulates energy flow, clears congestion, and generally helps to alleviate what’s bothering them.

These techniques are so quite simple to learn by parents, allowing them the flexibility of applying these methods on their infants at any time, in any location, without any special set up, without removing any clothes. At most, a 5-minute session is all that’s required at a time. Most importantly, baby reflexology can help support that most necessary parent-baby bonding. Additionally, it aids in boosting a child’s immune system, and advocates general well-being. Get information to get inspired to learn more about baby reflexology made simple by visiting my website at Step Forward to Better Health.

Lis Kunzi, Founder and Owner of Step Forward to Better Health

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