{SCHOOL OF MOM} Get Your Body Back After Baby!


School of Mom got off to a great start this year!

I was so honoured when Connie, Founder of Modern Mama, asked me to be the featured expert for January’s School of Mom. For those of you who don’t know, School of Mom is a live, monthly Facebook chat where we feature experts and great prizes!

Our January Facebook chat was very well attended, and there was lots of interaction. I covered my Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Body Back After Baby, which I divided into five topics:

+ Water (drink more!)

+ Nutrition (think add, not subtract)

+ Sleep

+ Exercise

+ Stress Management

I had a lot to say about each of these topics, and the whole subject of “getting your body back” is something that I am very passionate about. Aside from being the proud Director of Modern Mama in St. Albert, I’m also a fitness professional, nutrition coach, health blogger/writer, and the founder of Sassy Wellness. While I’ve been a wellness junkie my entire life, there was a point where I was very unhealthy and overweight; this was right around the time I got married, and shortly after, I had my son.

I know from personal experience that you CAN get your body back after baby.

And not only that, you can be leaner, fitter, and stronger than you ever were! Trust me. I watched a video of myself during a dance recital when I was 16 – my body is literally better now than it was back then, and I was a really good dancer! I’m not the only one with this story, you’ve heard it before, I’m sure.

It is not a slow process! I cannot emphasize this enough. My journey back to health was slow, but it was steady, and it stuck.

Veer away from any program that promises results in less than a week! Yes, it is possible to lose a lot of weight in a week. But you will suffer while you do it, and you will gain it back. Lasting change is where it’s at.

If you looked at my list of 5 tips and thought that it seemed really obvious, well, it is! But as I’m sure you know, applying these wellness principles is not as easy as it seems. Plus, most of the information out there is geared toward a general audience with very general needs and challenges.

What you need is health advice targeted towards you, as a mom. 

That’s where I come in: from one mom to another, I will share how to apply these tips to your life as Chief Baby Wrangler, Head Chef, Lady of the House, and, well – as a mother! 

The rules are different for us. Our bodies are different, our brains our different, and our environments are a totally different landscape compared to the general population. Is it any wonder why fitness and diet books targeted towards everyone are of little help to you?

As always, it is my wish to inspire and empower others to reach their highest version of themselves. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a new blog post covering each of the 5 Tips that we discussed during School of Mom. So stay tuned! This is a series you won’t want to miss!

By the way – congratulations to Heather, the winner of of our School of Mom prize: a gift certificate to the Sassy Wellness online program, The 28 Day Wellness Revolution! 

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Until next time, stay healthy and happy!


Timmie Wanechko, RYT, FIS, NWL is a Yoga + Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach. As the founder of Sassy Wellness and Director of Modern Mama St. Albert, she works to inspire women and families to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Visit her online at SassyWellness.ca and ModernMamaStAlbert.com

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