Simply Beautiful Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there are many of us wondering how we are going to spend it and how best to celebrate with all the special women in our lives. Mother’s day doesn’t have to be all about getting up to early and heading to brunch or sleeping all day, it can be so much more. That is why I wanted to share with you some simply beautiful ways to celebrate Mother’s day this year.

Giving Back

It may be cliche but it really does make you feel amazing to do something nice for other people in your community. That’s why giving back is a great idea for any mom needed a place to give love as well as get it. Setup a day of volunteering at an animal shelter or maybe make mother’s day gifts for a few low income families you know. Each year I try my best to find the time to do a couple free photo shoots for low income moms who might not otherwise have the budget for some nice family photos. Get creative with how you give and really have some fun with it as a family.


Being am mom you rarely hear absolute and complete amazing silence and when you do it is a truly tranquil experience. Thankfully there are a few great ways to do that – of course all of those things involve mom being alone for a day or just a few hours. Maybe taking the kids out of the house, while a maid cleans and sending her off on a scavenger hunt hike you set up around the neighborhood. Or maybe she needs a spa experience with extra silence and a deprivation tank where she can float her worries away in a truly silent environment. Silence can be a gift and a great way to recharge batteries that are out of juice due to constant noise and taking care of others.

mother's dayEnjoying The Generations

Mother’s day isn’t just about you and who you are as a mom it is also about those amazing women around you. Your mother’s and mother figures in your life, a time to celebrate the ones who have passed who fit those roles and the ones still here to hug. Arranging time to be with them is important and making it special through a tea and some lunch, a group spa day or a full family BBQ. Giving love on mother’s day is just as important as being showered in it yourself so always go out of your way to brighten other women’s days. Lead with kindness and love.


A simple mother’s day is always a great day, a day to sleep in a little bit and get showered in hand made gifts from your little ones. Nothing should ever take away from a beautifully simple mother’s day. All us mom’s really want is to be surrounded by those we love and know that they love and appreciate us. Spending time really listening to us and giving us all the hugs you can stomach are wonderful ways to connect with your loved ones.

May you all celebrate Mother’s day being showered in love!

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